Let’s face it, chicken is an affordable meat that our cats love to eat. Chicken and fish are the most popular proteins within cat foods. Heck, it’s hard to find a cat food without one of these tasty ingredients in it. Manufactures also love chicken because it’s so cheap and easy to access. But is chicken bad for cats? Let’s chat…

Is Chicken Bad For Cats?

Here’s the thing… chicken in moderation isn’t unhealthy – but it’s important that we feed more than just this meat to our cats.

Why, you ask? Because chicken is what they call a “hot protein” or inflammatory meat. Our cats need a variety of proteins in order to keep a healthy balance within their bodies. The omega 3s within meat are anti-inflammatory while the omega 6s are pro-inflammatory. The ideal ratio for omega 3 to 6 is 1:1 – meaning there’s a balance of the two. In chicken, the ratio is more like 1:20 – with far more omega 6s.

If the amount of the pro-inflammatory omega is 20 times the amount of the anti-inflammatory omega, this is cause for concern. Inflammation in the body is the leading cause of so many health issues our felines face. Feeding a chicken only diet will most definitely cause ailments in the future.

So chicken isn’t bad for cats if fed in moderation, but don’t overdo it. Feeding a variety of meats to our cats will level out the playing field and reduce the risk of disease due to an imbalanced diet.

The question that’s running in my head is “what if my cat won’t eat anything but chicken?”

Trick them.

Cats, just like humans, can get addicted to certain foods but it’s our job (as their guardian) to kick that addiction. Sneak in small bites of different meats into their chicken loving dishes and increase this over time. It’s not impossible – we just have to be purrsistent. 🙂

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