Ah, the finicky feline. We all know how difficult some cats can be when it comes to feeding time. The favorite food one day can be completely rejected the next. Before throwing in the towel over transitioning your kitty to a better food, try to trick your cat. A little trickery can work wonders at helping our cats live longer and healthier lives.

How To Trick Your Cat Into Eating New Food

Some cats can smell you thinking about changing up their food. If you’ve got a picky eater, here are a few deceptive tips for how to trick your cat into eating the food you’re feeding.

  1. Add some tuna water to the food. Most cats are huge fans of tuna and its odor. If your kitty loves tuna, try adding some tuna water to the food that you’re trying to get your kitty to eat. This is sometimes enough to get them to devour their whole meal.
  2. Sprinkle treats on top. If you give your cats treats, you know which ones they favor most. Try sprinkling some of their favorite treats on top of the new food. They’ll at least have to taste the new food as they gobble their treats – and they may actually like it!
  3. Mix the new food in slowly. Some cats are so picky that treat trickery doesn’t work. They’re smart cats. Try mixing a teaspoon of the new food in with the old stuff they want. This is great for the transition process. Once they eat the teaspoon of the new food, start increasing the amount over time and decreasing the old stuff.
  4. Remember to wait until they’re hungry. The tricks will go much further if your cat is hungry. A cat that is hungry will smell the tuna or treats and be more likely to pursue it than one that just finished eating a couple hours ago. Pick up the all-day buffet and wait until your kitty is hungry… then try the tricks.



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