Freeze dried pet foods are growing in popularity at a rapid pace. It’s a healthier replacement for kibble diets and just as simple for many cat parents. If you’re feeding freeze dried foods to your kitty on a regular basis, however, your cat is still at risk of dehydration. This can be detrimental to felines.

Freeze dried foods are literally just that… foods that are frozen and then dried. According to Primal Pet Foods, “The freeze-drying process starts by freezing our raw formula, then reducing the atmospheric pressure to allow the frozen water in the food to evaporate.” This makes freeze dried foods a healthier option than kibble because it isn’t (or shouldn’t be) full of the fillers and carbohydrates that lead to so many ailments our kitties face today.

That being said, if you’re not feeding freeze dried foods properly, your cat will also be at risk of disease.

Feeding Freeze Dried Foods Properly

We preach time and time again about the importance of moisture in a cat’s diet. Dehydration in felines is leading to an epidemic of urinary and kidney diseases. Whether labeled as dry food or freeze dried food – they’re both dry. Which means they lack moisture. Cats have a low thirst drive so they cannot and will not get the moisture their bodies need from the water bowl. It must be in their food.

Feeding freeze dried foods to your cat when you’re on the run and just need to leave something out for them while your away is great. We recommend this over kibble all day – every day. However, add water to the food every chance you get. This not only restores the moisture in the diet, but it also makes the nutrients a bit more absorbable to the body.

Re-hydrating freeze dried foods is a fantastic and convenient way to feed your kitties and still give them a higher quality diet.



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