There’s this weird myth some folks still believe about cats eating human food – and I’d like to debunk it right meow. The myth is that cats should never eat table scraps – or any human food – because it’s bad for them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Mostly.

I mean, there are some foods that are toxic to cats (onions, chocolate, garlic, alcohol…) – but food is food. What is it that you believe makes the ingredients in cat food different from human food? Is it just that it’s cooked to death? Or do people believe there are things like shoes and sawdust in cat food they can and should eat – but us humans cannot?

I’d really love to understand this perspective.

You see, I’m pretty sure the billion dollar pet food industry started this myth – in order to increase sales. And it worked. To this day there are cat parents who believe that if their cats eat human food they’ll get sick.

And here I am, with my life dedicated to the health and well-being of my cats (and yours!), asking you to feed some fresh food to your cat. As much as possible, in fact.

Letting your cats eat human food

The studies are clear. Once you cook the cr*p out of food it loses its nutritional value. Replacing just a small portion of your cat’s food with fresh ‘human’ food reduces the risk of disease by up to 90%. And we wonder why cats lived longer when the majority of their diet was table scraps.

 A little bit goes a long way when feeding your kitty fresh food.

Try this… when you’re making dinner tonight for the family, put a piece of that meat aside for your kitties. If you’re scared to feed your cat raw meat, cook it a little first. Then feed it to your cat.

Start doing this regularly and you’ll notice a healthier and happier kitty!



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