It’s a common myth that many cat parents still believe… cat food is a different kind sustenance from human food. But here’s the thing, food is food. There is, however, a major difference between cat food and cat feed.

Feed grade ingredients are the standard in the majority of commercial cat foods that you purchase at chain stores. What feed grade ingredients consist of are basically anything that is not fit for human consumption. So, anything that’s not actually edible. Meaning, not food.

Since they can’t send the diseased, decayed, euthanized animals to human restaurants or grocery stores, they instead send them to rendering plants that heat it at a super high temperature and add them to cat food.

Yes folks, you heard that right.

Why is there a difference between cat food and human food?

As mentioned above – there are some things we humans can’t eat because of health risks – 4D meats included (diseased, dying, dead, decayed). Our government regulates our human food industry to ensure we only sell, buy, and consume safe food. But then what do manufactures do with all the inedible waste? Believe it or not, they have found a way to monetize these ghastly, non-food “leftovers” from the farms, restaurants and fisheries by selling them to pet food companies. The good news is these awful ‘ingredients’ don’t end up in our overflowing landfills. The bad news? We are being sold bold lies at the terrible cost of our cats’ health.

Many people think there’s no way the government would allow this to happen – especially since they so closely regulate what is clearly not food. Well, think again. I happen to know that this as fact because my dad worked in one of the plants that used the ingredients for pet food. Boy, was that a gross time in our lives.

Here’s the truth: The only way to know if the ingredients you’re feeding your cat are food grade or feed grade is to contact the manufacturer and have them tell you, in writing, that the ingredients they use are human grade. Or… only buy the cat foods that say “human grade ingredients” on the side of the can or bag.


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