Why Cats Turn Their Backs To You

Have you ever wondered why Cats Turn Their Backs to you sometimes? Here we discuss what this means.

Do your cats turn their backs to you and stick their butts in your face sometimes? This happens at my desk daily. My first thought is HOW RUDE! But is it?

It’s actually one of the biggest compliments our cats can give. When your cats turn their backs to you and stick that cute little butt in your face, she or he is actually putting themselves in a very vulnerable position. You might ask how cats turning their backs to you is a vulnerable position? Cats are both prey and predators so when cats turn their backs they are open for attack from their prey. They only do this if they are feeling safe.

When Your Cat Puts His Butt In Your Face

Remember cats communicate by scent so when he backs that caboose up to your face he is just letting you know what they have been up to. Along with scent, cats communicate with body language. That raised tail is letting you know they are feeling affection and friendship from you. If they have that tail raised and along with that, they give you a slow blink, you are really in!

The body languages your cats use are also used on other cats. When a cat goes up to another cat and turns their backs to them with its tail held high, they are basically saying, hi, how are you? However, if your cat goes up to another cat with his ears pinned back and getting lower to the ground, he or she is saying, I don’t want to engage with you, back off! Another example would be the cat standing very tall, all puffed out, making direct eye contact and being very stiff,  they are saying I’m ready to pounce and not in a good way!

So next time your kitty sticks his butt in your face, take it as a very big compliment. He or she feels very safe and secure with you.

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