Do you have a lazy cat that just lays around all day and doesn’t like to play?

Cats have a reputation of being aloof and boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Kitties are supposed to be active – playing, chasing and hunting as their feline instincts tell them to. Indoor cats are somewhat kept in captivity within the four walls of our homes, so there’s only so much to explore. Maybe you’ve tried purchasing toys, cat trees or even built a catio to get your cat moving – to no avail. Welcome to the club.

Our cats need stimulation to be active. Simply giving them access to items to play with isn’t enough for them. Sure, we can offer them mental stimulation by leaving windows open and putting bird feeders outside, but that doesn’t exercise their bodies.

A lazy cat is a stressed cat because she isn’t made to be dormant and bored. Exercise is, hands down, the best anxiety reliever. Not only does it work the mind and get endorphins pumping, but exercising also detoxifies our cats’ bodies. It’s a free way to extend our cats’ lives and enrich their minds at the same time.

If you have cats that seem lazy or aloof, start making it part of your routine to take 20 minutes out of your day to play with them. If you have more time, give them more time. Get a wand toy and engage with them in playtime each day. The wand toy is great because it mimics the prey that they would stalk, hunt, attack and kill if they were able to be outside. This means that your cats will have a daily opportunity to be felines and embrace their instinctive nature.


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