Cats are weird. I mean, purrfectly weird of course… but weird. Especially when it comes to cat toys. Every cat parent has purchased some fancy toy for their cat, only to realize that they are more excited about the box it came in.

So what do we do when our kitties seem bored and don’t want to play with the hundreds of cat toys that are laying around them? Go buy a new toy? Sure, you could do that. If you’re made of money.

We’re not, however – so we recycle the toys.

Let me explain. Our cats are interested in new things. Luckily, they’re not snobby little brat cats that need every toy to be straight from the store. Nor do they need name brand stuff. The toys just need to be new to them… at the moment that they see them.

So why not take a handful of the toys, wash them and put them in a closet or drawer? Let your cats play with the remaining toys until they get bored and slowly recycle the toys back to them. This way our kitties can always have something that feels like new –  and will keep them occupied and engaged for a short amount of time… then we recycle again!

Here’s a little bonus tip too: Try moving the larger toys around the house. Sometimes our cats get bored with their toy (or even cat tree) and it will just sit in the same place, being ignored. When we move it to a new location they will get interested in it again!

All of the above advice should not take the place of engaging with your cat at playtime. All cats need daily exercise and they need us to help keep them engaged. Find a toy that’s fun for you both to play with together!


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