It seems like such a simple, common sense concept… but we never used to wash our cat’s toys. Honestly – we never even thought about it. If our cat’s toys started looking grimy or old we just threw them away.

In the meantime, our cats were playing with some pretty dirty toys!

Washing our cat’s toys is important – because it helps keep them sanitary – and this helps prevent illness. Bacteria is in every mouth, and our cats have a lot of it in theirs. This isn’t bad – it’s totally normal – but it can create issues when the bacteria is able to grow.

You see, if we don’t wash our cat’s toys, they continue to be played with – accumulating more and more bacteria. Because bacteria is alive, it can grow while just laying on the floor,  and – over time – that can become an issue.

Those of us with multiple cats are at greater risk – as the toys can transfer this bacteria from one cat to the next. This is why we’ve learned we should be vigilante about washing our cat’s toys on a regular basis.

Our holistic veterinarian recommends that we wash all toys once per week. This keeps the bacteria build up at bay and gives our cats something clean to play with.

And – we think our cats really appreciate it. A fresh batch of newly washed toys gets a lot of action in our house!

Important Note:

When washing your cat’s toys, be sure to only use a chemical-free soap and water. We can create even more health problems in our cats by allowing them to put chemicals in their mouths. In fact, I’d prefer that you throw out the toys and get new ones before cleaning the existing cat toys with chemicals. These toxic chemicals that are present in commercial soaps are harmful to our kitties.

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