We are often guilty of not spending enough quality time with our kitties. Maybe it’s a busy day – or maybe they seem aloof one day, but quality time and real time with our cats plays a big role in their happiness. Contrary to what many think, engaging isn’t simply cuddling them. It’s also not just giving our kitties treats or talking sweetly to them. These things are pawsome – but there’s so much more to a great relationship with our kitties! Understanding what helps makes our cats happy – and better understanding their cat-ness – is a great start!

Studies have shown that the majority of indoor cats are bored. A bored cat is a stressed cat and this can lead to bad behavior or even feline illnesses.

How To Help Make Your Cat Happy

One of the BIGGEST things we can do to make sure our cats are happy is to exercise their cat instincts! Environmental enrichments that engage and stimulate their cat-ness is pivotal to a healthy, happy cat. It’s such a big topic, we’ll save it for another blog – and focus today on what we – can do…

Energy is a real thing and it’s our job to share positive energy with our cats. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day – but have you ever noticed how your cat reacts to your bad moods?

Cats can smell the anxiety coming from our bodies after a stressful day or situation. We release a hormone called cortisol when we’re stressed and this smell affects our kitties. Our positive energy also affects them… only in a good way!

Here’s another thing about stress: Engaging with our cats can reduce our anxiety! So engaging with our kitties is simply a win-win situation.

Engaging with your cat means giving him your undivided attention for a certain amount of time. Playing with them is important because exercise is one of the healthiest things for our kitties.

“What if my cat doesn’t like to play?” is a question we hear a lot. In fact, we asked a feline behaviorist this question and she promptly replied, “if you have a kitty that acts like he doesn’t want to play, he’s lying to you“. You see, it is in every cat’s instinctive nature to run, jump, climb, hunt and play.

So set aside a chunk of time this coming weekend to really engage with your cats. Play, cuddle, treat and feed them with your positive energy and undivided attention. This will not only make your cat happy, it will make you happy too!


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