You’re excited because you bought your kitty a cat tree with your last paycheck, but she won’t even look at it. You gave up that dinner out with friends to afford this tree, so why is your cat being a turd about it?

Cat trees offer our kitties many benefits. Vertical space has been proven to reduce stress in cats and it also increases exercise levels. Climbing is one of many feline instincts, so having something to climb makes our cats feel more like cats. Most of the cat trees you purchase either include a scratching post or are lined with carpet… which also couples as a scratching post. Scratching is another feline instinct. Offering our kitties a healthy, sturdy place to sharpen their claws, strengthen their muscles and reduce stress is important.

Get Your Cats In Their Tree

This is why a cat tree is a good investment for your kitty. However, getting them to use the tree is a whole other story. Most cats will get excited about a new addition to the home and immediately want to jump on it, but the scent and location of the tree could deter this from happening right away. Using scent swapping techniques is a great way to entice cats to be comfortable with a new piece of furniture. Kitties love being able to perch in high places and bird watch, so try to place the tree near a window too.

We have 4 cat trees in our home, but our cats don’t always use them. When we want to encourage the cats to use the tree, we simply move them around. Cats love novelty, so putting the cat tree in a new location helps keep them interested.

Find a place in your home to build or purchase an awesome tree for your kitties and let us know how they like it!


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