It’s often said that the personality of the pet reflects the personality of their owner. I believe this to be true. But what effects our personalities? Does your energy affect your cats?

Everything and everyone is made of energy. That’s just a fact. And energy affects other energy. We are definitely not the gurus on energy as a whole, but we understand the role that energy plays in our home and we do our best to keep our energy in check. This is helpful for our overall health, but we also believe that it’s helpful for our cats’ health.

How Does Your Energy Affect Your Cats?

There is a research paper that shows how dog personalities reflect the personality of its owner. Since research also shows that felines share more similar characteristics to that of human personalities, I would assume this is true for our kitties as well. From my experience this does seem to be the case at least.

You see, someone with a high and positive energy will feed that energy to their cat. In turn, the kitty will likely have a more happy and positive demeanor as well. The study also showed that pets ‘that were anxious or aggressive had owners that possessed more negative personality traits.’

While many think that we are unable to control our energy, this is not true. Past and present experiences and lifestyle affect our personalities and energy, sure, but there are ways that we can release our trapped energy emotions to those experiences and choose to move forward with a more positive outlook on life. While this may seem easier said than done, it’s 100% possible.

Just like us, cats’ personalities will vary and can potentially change over time. If you would have met our cat, Pooh Bear, 5 years ago you would have thought he was a lost cause. An angry cat with a personality of terror. Fast forward to today and he’s a gentle giant, full of Love and sweetness. He may never be a lap cat, but he’s certainly not the kitty he was before.

Do your best to keep your energy positive and happy. Not just for yourself but for your cats.


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