Do you know how to CATify your home to make it more enriching, exciting and enjoyable for your kitties? And did you know you can do this without making your home look like a crazy cat lady designed it?

I’ve always been opposed to cat decor in the house. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s cute… but it’s just not my style. When Adrienne said she wanted to build a cat walk around our great room last year I vehemently disagreed. Putting cat trees in the house where guests can see them was a stretch for me just a few years ago. Because it’s good for the cats, however, I’ve allowed that. But building something permanent in the home? I wasn’t down for that.

Our friend is a handy guy and was here for the whole discussion. He mentioned that maybe we could make the cat walk visually appealing. This, I was open to discussing.

Choosing a color (white) that meshed well with the rest of the home and making the brackets aesthetically appealing made the super highway around the great room a fun addition! It’s not an eye sore and the kitties love it! I’m so glad that we moved forward to catify this area of our home, as there’s nothing better than seeing how it helps enrich our cats lives.

But wait… there’s more!

Of our 6 kitties, Pooh Bear is the only one that doesn’t utilize the cat walk. He likes to be up high, but I think he doesn’t like the vast amount of traffic on the walk. Our little ones are always running and chasing each other on it.

So, Adrienne has been wanting to add some more catification to the main living room where Pooh Bear hangs out. While I wasn’t opposed to this, I couldn’t envision how to do this without making it look like more clutter.

Insert Kate Benjamin from Hauspanther.

Last week we interviewed a well-known designer and author, Kate Benjamin, on our Facebook page to discuss the importance of creating feline enriching spaces in our homes. Since we mentioned to her that we were considering catifying our living room, she surprised us with a full design of that area! Not only does it look super cool, all of the cats will get to enjoy it AND it cleans up the cat clutter in that room – which has been driving me crazy for a while now!

Here’s her design:

Here's an example of how you cat catify your home to make it look clean, while still providing enrichment for your kitties!

So, don’t be scared to catify a space in your home. It’s amazing how many behavioral and even health problems this can help in our kitties. It reduces stress, increases exercise and makes your home unique and beautiful!!!



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