We all know the importance of exercise, but does your cat get enough exercise? A lot of people think of cats as low maintenance pets that just eat and sleep. That can be true for many cats but it’s mostly because they are bored and out of shape. Just like us, we need to keep our feline friends moving and make sure they get enough exercise.

Let’s talk about how exercising our cats can help their overall health. Exercise is one of the most natural ways you can keep your cats healthy. Exercise will naturally detoxify your cat’s body while reducing stress, strengthening joints and improving cognitive health. When a cat is just sitting around all day, they can get depressed and their muscles can begin to atrophy which is hard on their joints.

Exercising Your Cat

So how can we get our kitties moving? All we need to do is set a good 20 minutes aside once or twice a day and play with our cats.  A wand toy is a great way to get your cat really moving while burning off energy and it can also be a bonding time. A laser pointer is good to get those active kitties chasing and it’s easy enough to pick up speed. Just a side note when using a laser pointer, please follow it up with something tangible they can actually catch. There are also toys that cats can interact with and get them moving! Just do a search for interactive cat toys.

Cats are made to hunt and stalk their prey/toys! When playing with them, mix it up. Have the wand toy go fast so they chase it really fast then slow it down, then speed it back up. Get different toys and switch them out so they don’t get tired of them.

Exercising our cats is so important for their joint health, for bonding with us and for cognitive health. Are your kitties getting enough exercise?


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