Cats may seem to be fine as solitary creatures, but it’s a mistake to believe that they’re total loners. Felines actually enjoy companionship, which is why you’ll find feral communities outdoors. We have 6 kitties that run our household, but even if you don’t become as crazy as us, we do recommend that you need more than one cat. πŸ™‚ Surprised? Here are 4 reasons why…

  1. Having more than one cat helps cats be cats. Can you imagine life if you never interacted with another human? Just watch The Jungle Book to see how species adapt to other species, regardless of its kind. Cats are able to embrace their inner feline much more when they interact with other cats. And we want that, right? I mean, if we didn’t want a cat we should have adopted a human instead. πŸ˜‰
  2. Multiple cats help increase exercise & overall health. Because indoor cats sleep a lot, many believe that cats don’t need exercise like their canine counterparts. This is simply untrue. Cats need ample exercise and they’d get plenty of it if they were still in the wild. Most of us cat parents have full time jobs and stay busy most of the day. Having more than one cat allows them to exercise even when you’re not around. Exercise increases muscle tone, blood circulation and helps keep the immune system strong. If you’re not home to help your kitty exercise, you need more than one cat to accomplish this feat.
  3. Saving more than one cat life. This is obvious, but true. Rescuing more than one cat not only ensures their safety, but it opens up more room at the shelter for another rescue kitty. Saving one life is great. Saving two lives is double great. And we can all do the math from there… πŸ™‚
  4. More Love for you! Come on. Especially for the singles out there, having some kitty love as you fall asleep is heaven. The companionship of a pet cat is unbeatable. Caring for more than one cat only makes the love in your home grow that much more. Expand the feline family and expand the Love.



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