We all know that cats are, by far, the best companions to have. Adrienne recently wrote a blog on 5 reasons why cats are better than dogs – and now I am here to give you 5 of the (many) reasons cats are better than men.

Reason 1: Cats clean themselves several times a day.

Face it – men aren’t the cleanest of species. It only takes one small outdoor task before they begin to emit that strange sweat smell that just doesn’t go away. According to Huffington Post, most men don’t wash their hands after urination. “Many men suggested that unless they had a bowel movement, there would be no need for washing their hands.”  Seriously? That is just disturbing. In complete contrast, cats are constantly bathing themselves and each other. Not only does this issue set them apart from men in a very obvious way, it also makes them a far more inviting option for clean cuddle time.

Reason 2: Cats will never turn you down for a snuggle session.

Speaking of cuddling – every woman knows that men are not the biggest snugglers. “Your body is too warm for me,” “I need to lay on my side” or “I sleep better when I’m not being touched” are common excuses you’ll hear from your man when you want to just lay in his arms and snuggle up to his chest. Cats just don’t have excuses. My cats come running up the stairs ahead of me straight to the bed when they know it’s bedtime for me. They keep a watchful eye as I wash up and get under the covers… then Twister snuggles up between my legs, Scotch crawls up on my chest and falls asleep and Mr. Bittles will pick a side and PLOP with that loud purr, knowing that someone is going to rub his belly.

Reason 3: Cats don’t have pride problems.

We all know of at least 5 men in our lives who “are never wrong” and are happy to have their egos fed by their male companions. Most men have a hard time admitting guilt and will do anything and everything to avoid the words “I’m sorry.” The pride problem is common and annoying. Not so with my fair felines. When they’ve knocked something off the counter, ripped a whole in the couch or done something ‘wrong,’ it is written all over furry faces (even if you have no idea what they did). If I make a stern face and say “no” in my disappointed voice, they melt… With the exception of Mr. Bittles (who makes a sad face that melts me) my other boys come straight up to my feet and start rubbing their little faces and bodies on my ankles…clearly saying “I’m sorry, mama.” There are no pride problems in kitty companions.cats-are-better-than-men-girl470

Reason 4: Cats don’t lie.

Men do. Hell, most people in general unfortunately lie… But we women know how entertaining men can be when they try to spin a yarn about the stupidest thing – just to avoid being wrong (or to attempt to be seen in a better light). This irritating habit of fabrication is likely much ado about Reason 3 above. However, due to its prevalence, this contrast between men and cats certainly deserves its own bullet point.

Reason 5: Cats understand your feelings without you having to tell them.

We women have a genuine appreciation for an empathetic ear. We don’t necessarily appreciate having to articulate every minute detail of a situation just so someone can understand why we might feel a certain way… sound familiar? Sadly, most men seem to have an ignorance (or downright immunity) to the female feelings spectrum. Many men know it’s a good idea to ask “are you alright?” or say “talk to me about what’s bothering you”… then after sharing your most vulnerable self, he responds with a blank stare and heartfelt “OK…..?”


Who needs talk time with a brick wall? Cats have an intrinsic connection to all human emotion. My babies know my mood the moment I come in the door… and they respond accordingly. I don’t need to rehash my day to be comforted… nor must I rally them off the couch if I’m excited to have some fun that night. If I’m sick, they do all but make my soup and if I’m stressed, they put on the power purr while I pour my wine.

So there you have it… my two cents on why having a cat in your life is far superior to having a man. I would like to add one disclaimer: if you find an honest man who showers daily, washes his hands after using the restroom (every time), likes to snuggle, tries his best to understand your feelings AND loves cats…..please marry him. Then tell the rest of us about this anomaly of a man in the comments section below.


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