Although many non cat parents think of cats as “aloof” or lazy, there are several reasons that can cause stress in our kitties. If you are a conscious parent to a stressed out kitty, you may wonder if your cat needs anxiety medication.

To figure out if your cat needs help coping with anxiety, there are a few questions you want to ask yourself first. Once you understand the root of the stress, it is much easier to determine the cure.

Does Your Cat Need Anxiety Medication?

  1. Is my cat sick? Health issues can make a cat exhibit anxious behavior and sometimes even seem angry. If your cat suddenly begins to act stressed out, have her checked by a veterinarian to rule out illness like FIC. This may be your cat’s way of telling you she doesn’t feel well.
  2. Are the symptoms mild? Kitties are built with an instinctive “fight or flight” response mechanism, so if your cat only exhibits anxious behavior when there are loud noises or new pets/people around, this could be normal. Treating acute stress like this involves removing the culprit. It can also be helped with natural calming solutions, but no need for cat anxiety medication.
  3. Is my cat on a routine? Cats that are free fed and/or not on a steady routine will have more anxiety. They want to know when they will be fed, when their litter will be changed and when they will see you. Sometimes, putting your kitty on a strict routine is the only anxiety treatment your cat needs.
  4. Is my cat freaking out all the time for no reason? If health concerns have been ruled out, the anxiety your cat is exhibiting could stem from a past tragedy or lack of socialization. Cats with severe anxiety often need help, but anxiety medication isn’t always the answer.

Natural Anxiety Treatments for Cats

Natural treatments are easily available to cats with high anxiety levels. Traditional anxiety medications typically put our kitties in a trance and make them seem drugged all the time. Since these drugs are loaded with chemicals, they also come with a high risk side effects. There’s simply no reason to give your cat anxiety medications without trying these natural remedies first.

CBD treatment has proven to help calm stress and anxiety in cats along with boosting overall health. Kitties who are given natural remedies like Cat Calm (link below) or Ultimate Peacemaker (from Jackson Galaxy) also shed the stress without risk of side effects.

Bottom line is that we need to be sure our kitties stay as stress free as possible. Not only does anxiety lead to illness and disease, but a stressed out cat just isn’t happy. And don’t we all want our kitties to be happy and healthy?


Natural Product to Reduce Stress


Cat Calm Stress Reducing Liquid Formula



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