While we all know the importance of vaccines, over-vaccinating is real and dangerous reality for many pets. The truth? “Regular” vaccines are often unnecessary – causing much more harm than good. So how can we know our pets are safe and avoid the risks of over-vaccinating? A simple titer test!

What Is A Titer Test?

A titer test measures the level of antibodies against a disease and lets us know if our pet is already immune to the disease. Basically, it tells us if our pet actually needs the vaccine or not.

Many of the core vaccinations our cats and dogs are given are effective for their entire lifetime, so why would we continue to vaccinate if our pets don’t need it? Over-vaccinating leads to something that veterinarians recognize as vaccinosis. Vaccinosis is an adverse reaction to the vaccines administered. Some of these reactions may appear within a few minutes, but many take time to manifest.

Symptoms of vaccinosis can include seizures, lameness, allergies, immune diseases and even cancer. While not all reactions are this severe, all of these terrible things can be avoided. And this is why titer testing is so important.

We’ve seen too many customers with cats that suffer (and ultimately die) from a vaccine induced sarcoma (cancer) – and most people we speak with have never even heard of a titer test. That’s why we feel like it’s time to take a stand and do all we can to let everyone know about titer testing.

It’s so important to understand the risks involved in over-vaccinating our pets – which is the main reason that we are starting the #titerchallege – where pet parents all over the world are challenged to contact their vets about titer testing, post the results and challenge friends to do the same. Together we can help spread the word and save our pets (and ourselves) from the pain of unnecessary suffering and heartache.

How Much Does A Titer Test Cost?

While it should not be expensive, your local veterinarian may charge upwards of $300 – $500 for a titer test. However, as the demand for titer tests increase, the cost will go down. Our hope is that the #titerchallenge will not only help spread the word about this invaluable test, but it will also increase the demand to help make it affordable for the average, struggling pet parent.

In the meantime, the good news is that you don’t have to pay those fees. If your vet is quoting you out of your budget, click the button below for instructions on how to order a titer test – at a totally reasonable price – from one of the top veterinarians in the country.

You can also share this information with your vet so they, too, can have access to more affordable titers directly through Kansas State!

And remember… If there’s no chance that your pet can contract a disease, there’s no reason to vaccinate anyway.



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