Fellow cat parents know we’re big advocates for not over-vaccinating cats. When we started as cat parents we didn’t know anything about cat health – or the risks that come with vaccinations. We vaccinated our cats however the cheapest vet in town recommended. Now that we are soon to be kitten parents again, we have to revisit this issue from a more proactive and educated perspective. Here we will share our vaccine protocol for kittens – for those of you who want to know how we plan to do it. This time.

We’ve researched this so much that our brains feel broken. There’s so much information – and a lot of conflicting information out there about how to best vaccinate your cat. We know and trust many of the leaders in the pet health industry, but still aren’t even comfortable with the amount of vaccines they sometimes recommend.

Disclaimer: This is our vaccine protocol for kittens who were born from a feral mother, kept indoors, milked and weaned properly and fed a high quality canned and raw food after weaning.

FVRCP: First vaccination at 10-11 weeks of age.

  • Last FVRCP shot should be at 15-16 weeks of age.

Rabies: After 6 months of age if required by law. Request the 3-year PureVax rabies vaccine. Titer test will confirm immunity from there on out.

Titer 2-3 weeks after each vaccine to ensure immunity. If immunization has been achieved, there is no need for booster shots.

Very Important Info:

  • Only ever allow non-adjuvanted vaccines to be administered to your kittens. Ask about this before allowing your cat to be vaccinated.
  • Never vaccinate a sick kitten/cat. If your cat has had a prior vaccine reaction or has been diagnosed with a disease, ask for a waiver.
  • Because the feline leukemia vaccination shows little proof of protection and carries a high risk of side effects, we do not recommend this vaccine.
  • Remember to only vaccinate for diseases that your cat is at risk of contracting. If there is little to no risk that your kitty will contract the disease, don’t vaccinate for it.



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