How To Help Your Cat’s Joints

Are your cat’s joints and muscles showing decline? Whether this is happening due to age or injury, there are things we can do to help our kitties feel better at home. It’s important to understand that cats are stoic beings. This means that they mask their...

Senior Cat Joint Care

According to several studies, more than 90% of cats over the age of 12 experience arthritis in at least one joint. Maybe you’re saying, “my senior cats have never had arthritis”, but don’t forget how stoic our cats are. We often don’t...

How To Massage Your Cat

Did you know it’s a good idea to massage your cat from time to time? Massaging your kitty can improve blood flow, reduce stress, alleviate pain and relax muscles. This is also a great way to build a deeper bond with your cat, which is something we should focus...

Get Your Old Cat Moving Again

Getting an old cat up and moving can sometimes be a challenge. Just like us humans, cats’ bodies start to break down over time – and they tend to move around less. However – the phrase ‘a body at rest tends to stays at rest, while a body in...

Helping Older Cats Slow The Aging Process

If you haven’t noticed, we are very passionate about all senior kitties. Sadly, many older cats are often neglected, both in the home and in the shelters. We wish every cat could live to be 30+ years old, so we’re doing all the research we can on how to...
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