Kitty Crack Pillows for Cats

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These organic catnip & silver vine stuffed pillows are certainly the kitty crack your cats need! Handmade with Love in the USA, these pillows are sure to get your older cats playing and keep your younger felines engaged! Gift your cat with a kitty crack pillow today! Photo shows front and back print.

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These kitty crack pawsome pillows are filled with approximately 4 grams of an ultimate blend of catnip and silver vine (a non-toxic plant that has a similar effect as catnip with kitties, but more intense) as well as poly-fil... so it gives it the feel of a comfy pillow.

Open package immediately or risk your cat opening it for you.

Created by Shen & Sam, Co.

One item per (or purr) purchase

Pesticide free.

Guaranteed to be the cat's meow in your home

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 in

48 reviews for Kitty Crack Pillows for Cats

Based on 48 reviews
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  1. Tina Aguilera (Verified Customer)

    My girls went crazy over this. I’m getting a couple more.

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  2. Donna Earley (Verified Customer)

    My cats love them. I got three because I have three cats and they still fight over them.

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  3. Jb Michael (Verified Customer)

    Otey loves his crack pillow. Thanks ladies💜

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  4. Donna Earley (Verified Customer)

    My babies love them. I bought three one for each one but they still fight over them.

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  5. victoria hawkins (Verified Customer)

    my babies took to this pillow right away.

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  6. Trish (Verified Customer)

    My Kiki loves it!

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  7. Donna Yamashita (Verified Customer)

    My cats LOVE them. I have to order more because they won’t share 🙂

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  8. Paula Dressler (Verified Customer)

    These pillows are my cats favorite catnip toy but also pillow to lay on ! They’re perfect!

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  9. Maureen (Verified Customer)

    My cat went barreling down the hall after the pillow and continued to chase it for awhile. It can be hard finding something the cats will actually play with, this is great. Also appreciating that it is organic and made in the U.S.

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  10. Veronique Prezeau (Verified Customer)

    The moment I got the package home and opened it, I took the items out and went out of the room. Came back to find my cat shredding the packing slip! She smelled that pillow and was looking for it lol. I gave it to her and she went NUTS. Safe to say it is now her favorite toy 🙂

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  11. stamps4fungin (Verified Customer)

    my cat wasn’t sure about this pillow in the first minute, but omg, he wouldn’t leave it alone after that. I ended up putting it up after he had totally soaked it with his saliva, and was licking it.

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  12. Carly (Verified Customer)

    My cat loved this right away!

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  13. Starla Rodgers (Verified Customer)

    all my cats went crazy over this pillow and still are after 1 week

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  14. Barbara (Verified Customer)

    My boy Symba just loves these pillows…

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  15. Helani (Verified Customer)

    It’s hilarious watching them play with this.

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  16. Ann-Marie Brown (Verified Customer)

    The cats were on the box even before I opened it. The pillow was a HIT, I ordered 4 more.

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  17. Lisa Beebe (Verified Customer)

    Kitty Crack is accurate. I will need to buy several more of these pillows. Gus, our Tabby “Crack Head,”loves it so much that he just won’t share without other cats. Best toy ever!

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  18. Michelle (Verified Customer)

    Moms cat loves it..walks around the house with it in her mouth then drops it n lays on it..shes no

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  19. Shonna Lund (Verified Customer)

    My kitty LOVES her kitty crack pillow! She immediately went bananas for it as soon as I took it out of the bag.

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  20. William Milligan (Verified Customer)

    Freeloaders + catnippillows² – me = addiction
    These two love the pillows with a certain habit-forming zeal.

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  21. Rebecca (Verified Customer)

    These are great. I buy one for every new furrbaby!

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  22. Ronnie (Verified Customer)

    My boys went crazy over this. I am getting another one when they are back in stock.

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  23. Katie Bates (Verified Customer)

    Luna is obsessed! Love that this item is stuffed packed with their kitty crack unlike other products that are mainly stuffed with cotton with a sprinkle of catnip.

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  24. Marla (Verified Customer)

    OMG!! I need more of these. I cannot even explain how much 2 of my cats 💙❤️💜 this product.

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  25. Janet D (Verified Customer)

    My kitties love these! I often find then asleep on the floor with their heads on the little pillows.

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  26. Da (Verified Customer)

    My Lincoln is very fussy and doesn’t care for catnip but loves these. I am really impressed.

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  27. Jan Bringmann (Verified Customer)

    Ms. Kitty loved the pillow and I am glad I got it for her.

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  28. Natalie (Verified Customer)

    My three cats all loved the kitty pillows especially my older cat Sheba she was going crazy for it! I definitely recommend it! Thank you for such a great find! You ladies are amazing!

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  29. Paula D. (Verified Customer)

    Our cats absolutely love these ! We also purchased some for the kitties at our local cat cafe.

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  30. Rose P. (Verified Customer)

    My babies love them I had bought them before.

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  31. Lois (Verified Customer)

    Another winner with my boys!

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  32. MALINDA SARGENT (Verified Customer)

    Cats love it esp one in particular he rarely let’s the others play with it! Will be getting more soon!

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  33. Laura Hodges

    Crack Pillow, yes!! oh my gosh…my cat Tipsy goes crazy..he loves it😻

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  34. Ruby Alvarado (Verified Customer)

    This is awesome they’re
    Obsess with them

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  35. Lisa Potswald (Verified Customer)

    Our cats love them

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  36. Cassandra (Verified Customer)

    This is my cat’s favourite toy!

    Image #1 from Cassandra
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