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Palmitoylethanolamide, aka PEA, is a naturally occurring fatty acid compound that has amazing anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and pain-killing properties in cats. A tiny amount of this wonder supplement can go a long way in bringing relief to cats who struggle with ailments that many traditional treatments just aren’t helping. Without any known side effects and a super easy addition to the food, this is a must have for cats!

One bottle is a 75 day supply for most cats.

Purrfect for:

  • Cystitis (FIC)
  • Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
  • Dermatitis (overgrooming due to non-skin issues)
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Mast cell tumors
  • Pain (great alternative to NSAIDs)
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Chronic dental pain
  • And Much More!

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0.32oz (9g) Palmitoylethanolamide (OptiPEA®)

Zero fillers or added ingredients! Just pure Palmitoylethanolamide. Excellent natural palatability for picky cats.

Recommended Instructions:

Add one scoop (1/32 tsp) to your cat's food twice daily.
For best results we recommend taking it with foods containing a small amount of oils or healthy fats.

OptiPEA® is a premium brand for palmitoylethanolamide worldwide. When it comes to manufacturing palmitoylethanolamide we have adopted and work in accordance with EU GMP standards. We only use high quality raw materials, novel process engineering and highly-sensitive full spectrum chemical analysis for research and quality assurance of our products. The same stringent requirements as used in pharmaceutical manufacturing are implemented in the manufacturing process for OptiPEA®. OptiPEA® is produced in Europe in a state-of-the-art production facility by a team of PhD chemists. It is located in The Netherlands and has received EU GMP certification. OptiPEA® represents safety, reliability and quality.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 oz

17 reviews for PEA for Cats

Based on 17 reviews
  1. Marybeth Robbins (Verified Customer)

    Thank you for making this available for cats! The best duo!

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  2. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    I believe this is easing my senior cats arthritis pain. He is sleeping much better.

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  3. Amy Tavares (Verified Customer)

    Haven’t tried out yet, just want to have around.

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  4. Debbie (Verified Customer)

    It’s only been a week so hard to tell the benefits yet but my 15 year old cat is tolerating it very well.

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  5. Madison (Verified Customer)

    I’m so excited the 2CCL have started selling PEA! My kitty is so happy as well. It arrived quickly! The 2CCL never let me down.

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  6. Melissa L. (Verified Customer)

    We’ve only just started using this for our two cats. But it’s easy to hide in food, they don’t notice it and my cats will notice if I add anything different to their food. Looking forward to seeing how this helps my two kitties

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  7. Judy G. (Verified Customer)

    Giving to 13 yr old Bo for about 3 weeks now so still hoping for even more improvement with his feline hyperesthesia, but i do see some reduction in the length and severity of his episodes in the last few days. He’s also more interested in play time first thing in the morning, and often, I find more of his toys scattered downstairs from some nighttime activity. He doesn’t have mobility issues but any increased movement is welcomed for this big boy.

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  8. Kenneth Furger (Verified Customer)

    Just brought this in …I’m sure it is awesome and will help the customers

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  9. Kara L. (Verified Customer)

    This, in combination with the urinary tract support kit, has really helped our 8 y.o. cat who had a blockage 2 months ago. I use these products mixed into his wet food daily, and he looks and feels much better. We have all noticed a change in his appetite, mobility, and energy level. Thank you!

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  10. Linda Prince (Verified Customer)

    I started my 15-year-old boy, Moon on PEA about 2 1/2 months ago. He was having digestive issues and vomiting mostly in the morning And since he’s been taking the PEA, he has only vomited approximately three times. It has changed his life !! He’s gaining weight. He’s more restful and he plays like a lunatic!!! 🤣 I also give it to my 18 year old girl, Jeannie. She doesn’t have any issues that are evident but It certainly can’t hurt. I am so grateful for this product thank you thank you!!

    Image #1 from Linda Prince
    Image #2 from Linda Prince
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  11. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great service

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  12. Danielle (Verified Customer)

    My cat with Feline cystosis ears pea and cat calm with her wet food

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  13. Pamela (Verified Customer)

    Just started giving to my boy Onslow.

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  14. Arlene (Verified Customer)

    I’m hopeful..haven’t had long enough to see a difference

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  15. Trisha Drake (Verified Customer)

    The cost is affordable and definitely worth the cost. Our sweet Ms. Spaz seems to like the taste and how it helps her feel better.

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  16. Robin W. (Verified Customer)

    Have only been using for a few days. So far so good. Mini eats it mixed in with his food. He seems calmer and urinary frequency due to stress is subsiding. I’m using some other supplements also. May be a combined positive effect!

    Image #1 from Robin W.
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  17. Tina Patel

    I purchased this on Dr. Judy Morgan’s website and I really had high hopes for it helping my cat with allergies. However, after 1 scoop he ended up vomiting later that afternoon. He is not prone to vomiting so I know it was the PEA I added to his food that morning. Before he vomited he acted like his stomach was bothering him. Unfortunately, once it’s been opened Dr. Judy won’t accept returns. Trying to find a way to recoup the cost of it. Anyway, I wanted to just let others know it could cause an upset stomach in some cats.

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