Meow Mist Plus

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Meow Mist Plus spray is a safe, natural, and effective way to help your kitty’s topical issues! From wounds and rashes to runny eyes and itchy skin – say goodbye to tough topical conditions and hello to a healthier, happier cat! Great for dogs too!


Purrfect for:

  • Itchy Skin
  • Acne
  • Runny Eyes
  • Insect Bites
  • Yeast
  • Cuts
  • Rashes
  • Wounds
  • And Much More!

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Meow Mist Plus is applied with a fine mist that makes topical application easy. This breakthrough topical formula is a great way to help your kitty suffering from topical issues like yeast, rashes, cuts, abrasions, itchy skin, insect bites, infections and whatever else life throws at your feline's skin.

How To Apply: Spray directly on infected area 3-4 times daily until desired results are obtained.

Other Option for Application: Spray formula on hand or cloth and rub the infected area.

Works immediately and is safe for dogs and people too!

Ingredients: 99.9% Helix Water, 0.1% NaClO2


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Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6.5 in

35 reviews for Meow Mist Plus

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  1. Tricia Mosolf (Verified Customer)

    Another great product from The Two Crazy Cat Ladies. We use it mostly on our Sasha and Sookie kitties who get seasonal allergies. Sasha with flare-ups on her feet, between her paw pads and Sookie who chews her belly and hind legs raw. This helps with the itching and things heal up much faster. No more bleeding wounds or abcesses forming. No more vet visits. And, the kitties feel, and look, much better sooner too. Woot Woot!!

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  2. Cathy L Scannelli (Verified Customer)

    So I use Meow Mist Plus on myself more than I to the cats!!! LOL. Haven’t needed to use on my kitties as yet, only me as I do get scratches from time to time. They do heal up quicker using the OxiCat, but using the spray Meowy Mist is even better! Thanks!!

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  3. Angela Crowe (Verified Customer)

    I have not had it long enough yet to have my cat ears all cleared up yet but they are slowly improving, and the few other things I’ve used it on it has worked adequately on.

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  4. Cynthia

    Excellent help for my cats. Meow Mist Plus has been a huge help!

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  5. Melissa (Verified Customer)

    Wow! Is really all I can say. I have a cat with skin issues another that has a tendency to scratch behind his ear until it’s raw. Both are skittish so I spray it on a cotton ball and within less then 2 days the scabs were gone. I’ve also heard how humans can benefit from this as well and decided to give it a try. My dainty paws got scared of some loud noise when I was with her and scratched up my leg.I sprayed meow mist and within 3 days it’s just a red mark no scabbing no itching or the usual we get when we get scratched. I also tried it on a burn I had and it seriously dried it out and took the inflammation out of it. So I have to say so far I’d highly recommend this product.

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  6. Fay Furtado lieberman (Verified Customer)

    Received my meow mist, and started using it on my Angel and.Gracie. and it does seem to be helping gracies ear. I love a ll your products. Thank you ladies.

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  7. Tina (Verified Customer)

    Great product for cats and humans. I gave my bottle to a friend to spray the bites she had on her legs and after the first time spraying the itching and redness went away. By the second day and second application, you couldn’t even tell there were welts from the bites and her skin looks great not even dried out like it can get with chemical creams or sprays.

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  8. Feraya (Verified Customer)


    So I got this to help with itchy skin for cats. I tested it on my self. I had a mosquito bite on my arm and arm was it itchy non stop for at least 24 hours. So after spraying it on my arm i noticed a difference and about a minute later the itching was gone it lasted all day and in the evening I thought to my self did it really work or was that just in my head. So i sprayed some again in the evening and it went away again so after the third time it did come back next day but barely any itching. Super minimal itching.
    I also had a minor skin infection on my leg that has been itching for 2 months now and i used it just once on leg infection and the itching never came back.
    So at least i know it really does work for cats. I wish i had a version of this for humans because i feel guilty using this.
    I have to test what else it works on yet,

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  9. Pam Webster (Verified Customer)

    I got this to help with my cat that had somehow ripped his claw off, and I sprayed it on his quick until the nail started to grow back. I only needed to use it a few times, and he felt so much better. I’m glad that I got meow mist because I also ended up needing to use it on one of the adoption kittens I train at Petsmart. Her sutures from her spay had caused a red and tender spot that was starting to ooze a little. I cleaned it up really good, and then used the meow mist on it, and now it looks so much better, and it’s not hurting her anymore.

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  10. Sam Taylor (Verified Customer)

    This stuff is the bomb…..It’s spring in Australia and the grass is seeding,so it itchy season for my dogs. It works brilliantly. Stop my dogs itching straight away and lasts ages!!

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  11. Kerry (Verified Customer)

    It seems to work however my cat apparently hates being sprayed or petted with a wet hand

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  12. Crystal (Verified Customer)

    Great product! Kitty had some razor burns from getting shaved at the vet, this helped clear it right up!

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  13. Sophie (Verified Customer)

    Since 2018 our one cat started over grooming and pulling her hair out. Nothing worked. Something bath helped a little but the hair on her backside was always pulled out. She bites abs pulls it. Her fur is now the longest it’s been since 2018! We will continue to purchase this product! Thank you so much.

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  14. Meredith (Verified Customer)

    Love it! I’ve used it as much on myself for insect bites and minor scrapes and scratches as I have on my kitty’s itchy ears. Quick delivery, great product. Thanks 2CCL!

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  15. karen smith (Verified Customer)

    Wowy Meowy! This stuff is amazing! My poor baby had itchy hot spots that were balding on top of his head this summer and after a few weeks of applying the mist as a wet compress a few times a day he healed up! No more bald spots or itchies!

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  16. Polly Thornton (Verified Customer)

    My senior rescue boy has allergies to grain and fleas. He’s got a beautiful long silky coat but pulls his hair out til he’s nearly bald every late spring through fall. With the excessive heat this summer we had a major flea problem, inside AND outside, in the enclosed courtyard. I read that cats don’t like sprayed anything as it sounds like hissing so I poured some in my hands & rubbed it on his fur. He didn’t object to the smell but ran and hid because he doesn’t like to get wet. So I figured I’d try and spray him while separating what little fur he had to get down to the skin. He wasn’t happy but the results were amazing. He slept soundly for the first time in a while.

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  17. janpgh3 (Verified Customer)

    My cat had a terrible reaction to a flea collar. Licking off his fur, sores, acting very strange. I bought this product and it actually worked. He stopped licking, and is back to his crabby self. I’m very happy it worked and is a natural product for my very sensitive cat. I will definitely buy this again.

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  18. Louise MacQueen

    Really great service! I had a question and the response was immediate. Meow Mist is great! Thank you!

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  19. Megan (Verified Customer)

    I’ve just starting using if for some scratches my fur baby has around her mouth. Just a few day in, but I have noticed difference already. I am even able to spray it right on to the areas and just rub it in a bit. I have also sent several messages to these ladies through Instagram, and I always here back with in a short period of time. Love being apart of this cat community!

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  20. Marybeth (Verified Customer)

    I used meow mist on my dogs CCL surgical site. Also on a few cuts of my own. Great product, well done ladies!

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  21. Lexi (Verified Customer)

    Amazing product that when used consistently, works wonders. I use it for my cats who struggle with feline acne and it has really helped in clearing it up. I had one of my female cats who had a really bad cystic acne spot and I just kept consistently spraying it with this spray and it helped it to pop on its own and drain out and it’s completely healed now. It’s also been great for when cats get little scratches or bites from playing with each other. I also spray it in my Persian cats eyes. Great stuff. Thank You to the Two Crazy Cat Ladies!!!

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  22. Barbi Upton (Verified Customer)

    This stuff it great for the scratches my 2 youngest cats get when playing too aggressively. I use it on any boo boo.

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  23. Alexis (Verified Customer)

    Great product!! Fast shipping!! I finally found something that works on Maddie!! Thank you!! 😻😻

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  24. Tina Rankin (Verified Customer)

    The best thing out there for my cats and me

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  25. Roberta M. (Verified Customer)

    I have to admit I use this on myself and it healed my skin quickly. I love that your products are safe for humans, too. I use it to clean my boys’ ears, too. Thank you for all that you do to keep our furbabies healthy.

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  26. Rachael T. (Verified Customer)

    Arrived quickly, now if only my cat would let me apply it to her belly!

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  27. Jeanne (Verified Customer)

    My car, Trudie, loves the smell of the mist and plays with the cloth I have it on. I can rub the mist on her with the cloth, and I believe it helps with the itching.

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  28. Veronica (Verified Customer)

    Helps with Zoe itching

    Image #1 from Veronica
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  29. Elena A Lopez (Verified Customer)

    My fur babies are happy and so is mama 😍

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  30. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Using this on my flea sensitive void. He has fur loss and compulsive itching (in spite of being on a preventative). He isn’t a fan of the spray sound, but he allows me to apply it directly from my hand to his coat and skin. Nothing noticeable yet, but it’s only been a week.

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