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B12 for Cats is a natural, bioavailable, non-synthetic vitamin B12 in liquid form. Vitamin B12 is crucial to the health of your cat’s immune system, nervous system, digestive system & cognitive function. Vitamin B12 is an effective way to help cats feel more lively and stimulate appetite levels. This B12 supplement is superbly more effective in cats than it’s synthetic counterpart, cyanocobalamin, because it is absorbed more readily by the body.  Get your kitty on the road to excellent health by adding B12 for Cats into their daily diet!


Purrfect for:

  • Immunity Health
  • Kidney Health
  • Nervous System Health
  • Pancreas Health
  • Gastrointestinal Health
  • Cognitive Health
  • Appetite Health
  • And much more!

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B12 for Cats (Methylcobalamin) is the neurologically active form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is important for nerve cells, energy production and red blood cell production. A lack of vitamin B12 can contribute to a variety of problems, including cognitive dysfunction. Vitamin B12 is essential for red blood cell production, so too low a level of vitamin B12 in your cat's body may cause or contribute to anemia, therefore vitamin B12 supplements may help treat anemia.

Cats with IBD, pancreatitis and intestinal lymphoma have low levels of vitamin B12. Kitties with CKD benefit greatly from B12 supplementation in it's natural form (Methylcobalamin) as it reduces inflammation.

Methylcobalamin is more bioavailable than its synthetic counterpart, cyanocobalamin, and therefore more effective because it is absorbed more readily by the body.

B12 for Cats is a water-soluble vitamin so clinical issues from overuse have not been recorded.

Active ingredient: 250 mcg methylcobalamin | serving size .5 ml | servings per container 60

Other ingredients: vegetable glycerin, purified water, citric acid


1/2 ml dose (250mcg) for adult cats once per day

1/4 ml dose (125 mcg) for kittens once per day

Safely double the dose (twice per day, morning and evening) with confirmed B12 deficiency, malabsorptive GI tract problems (IBD), chronic kidney disease, pancreatitis and megaloblastic anemia.

B12 can be administered in food or water, though it’s recommended in food to get the full dosage, and is safe to use in conjunction with other holistic solutions.

Side Effects: Improved appetite, increase in energy and vitality, improvement in cognitive and neurologic systems, weight gain in malnourished cats. Response times may vary.

Made in the USA

Safe for dogs too!

Keep refrigerated

Do not cook or heat product

Keep out of reach of children

Do not use in conjunction with other medications without consulting your veterinarian.

Do not use in cats with previous allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to B12

Discontinue if negative side effects occur

Additional information

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

33 reviews for B12 for Cats

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  1. Michelle (Verified Customer)

    Amazing product, amazing company. I cannot say enough about both. Who knew that animals could have a B12 deficiency. When told by my vet B12 might help my aging kitties instead of getting the synthetic form I looked for a more natural B12 and found it in this wonderful product and was able to purchase it from a company who cares about their clients and goes above and beyond to get their products shipped out in a timely manner . My two kitties just turned 18 and this product has made an amazing difference in the way that they look ,the way that they act and if it gives me just one extra day with them it is so worth it.
    Thank you so much 2 crazy cat ladies! I appreciate it 😎and Lilly and Carson appreciate it 😺😺

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  2. Kristen Frewing (Verified Customer)

    This product was amazing it helped to get my cats to eat again after the had a upset stomach

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  3. Gail (Verified Customer)

    Great product! Has amazing results on the coats and energy of my cats. I have gifted two friends the B12 and also give it to a 17 year old cat who loves to stay on my porch(with owners permission). The B12 was used on a neighbors chicken who also did well on it! Thank you for incredibly healthy, life enhancing products! You have the best!

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  4. Linda (Verified Customer)

    Well took cat to vet and 650.00 later found out low on B12 so ordered it and he is tarting to gain his weight back and acting like his ole self again .

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  5. Anonymous

    I am SO happy that I found Two Crazy Cat Ladies and B12 for cats. I have a 15 year old feral cat (quite docile) who has been suffering with chronic diarrhea (which translates to dehydration) for close to a year. I have spent hundreds of dollars at the vet – changed food too many times to count – added supplements and probiotics to his diet without noticing any significant results until now and B12. This vitamin supplement has proved to be effective in my cats overall health, especially weight gain. “Herkie” (short for Hercules) appears to feel better and of course, so do I. Thank you so much CCL for your professional help and for offering such an amazing, affordable product!

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  6. Deanna Schefter (Verified Customer)

    Excellent product! Thank you so much for sharing this B12 I have 2 kitties and the one suffered a diabetic episode in December with neuropathy in his legs and could barely walk, this was the first sign I noticed it came on fast! the vet required me to inject insulin and change food and month later he went into remission, she did not think he would walk normal again. here we are 7 months later and 4 bottles of b12 and he is walking normal/jumping on everything fighting/playing with his brother which was non-existent for months. his weight is lighter and coat is so shiny and healthy! he is 11 yrs old and has come back to us! His brother is also taking it and hasn’t had any health concerns and hope not to have with this amazing product! Thanks again from me and my boys Spud & Murphy .

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  7. Shar (Verified Customer)

    It is wonderful and has made my fur babies feel younger and happier. They play more . I feel it is a very good product

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  8. Barbara Stewart (Verified Customer)

    An amazingly effective product! I recently added B12 for Cats to my kitty’s supplement regimen. Thom is an 8 year-old, FIV+ kitty whom I adopted 3 years ago. Although he no longer has any viral symptoms or health issues (due in large part to the fabulous Feline Essentials products and Pam Roussell), I want to provide him every advantage in preserving his health. Natural vitamin B12 is a remarkable nutrient that provides many health benefits. He didn’t need more energy or a better appetite, LOL, and the full dose made him act like the Energizer Bunny and Mikey! After experimenting with the dosage, I found that .25 mg is the sweet spot for Thom. His eyes are brighter and his fur is shinier; both of which are characteristics of improved health. I’m grateful to have another natural, do-no-harm tool to help keep him healthy and happy!

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  9. Barbara (Verified Customer)

    I would recommend this B12. My boy Symba doesn’t mind taking it and I feel it is making him move active.. He is 17 years old..

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  10. Roberta Mau (Verified Customer)

    My kitties have no problem taking B-12 in their food and they are thriving on Feline Essential products. I only wish B-12 came in a larger size. It’s a great product and keeps my furboys healthy, especially my FIV+ kitty. Thank you so much Adrienne and Jae for all that you do for our kitties.

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  11. Daniel Roodzant (Verified Customer)

    Great product and the only methyl version I’ve been able to find as a liquid. This product has helped with my girls appetite and anemia!

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  12. Brijane Hills (Verified Customer)

    Learned about from the CAT DADDY!! Awesome results in my 18 year old BFF! Out of stock @ JG. Found the wonderful Crazy Cat Ladies❤shipped quickly!👏👍✌❤

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  13. Yelena (Verified Customer)

    Hello! I have 2 seniors cat , one with Diabities and pancreatic and other with stomach slow cancer
    With this product I see a lot of improvements in their health, appetite and play.
    Highly recommended !
    Was very happy to find this vitamin !
    Thank you !

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  14. Cheryl Sanders (Verified Customer)

    My 14 yr old cat Tiger recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. He easily takes the liquid B12 in treats and after a few weeks he is a lot more active and playful again. His eyes are brighter and he is more like a kitten than 14 ! I’m so happy knowing he’s doing so much better! Thank you Two Crazy Cat Ladies for what you do. I am now giving it to my 8 year old Calli girl and she’s perked up more too!

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  15. Clif Ashcraft (Verified Customer)

    The B12 has made a big difference in the life of our elderly cat, Paris. She must have been deficient in B12. Acts like a kitten again.

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  16. Gabriela Vargas (Verified Customer)

    I recently added this gem to my collection of the crazy cat ladies supplements and I love it! & so does my baby Chuckles. It 100% gives him more energy and increases his appetite I like to give it to him in the morning otherwise my baby will want to play all night. He will literally wake me up if I give this to him to late in the day! I definitely recommend this one!

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  17. Lea Lockheart

    These knowledgeable, caring ladies and the vital products that they represent effectively handled the crisis my senior cat was having. My 17 year old cat was displaying signs of obvious joint pain & distress. He was lethargic and could hardly walk, had very little appetite, and didn’t want to be touched. I followed the ladies product and dosage recommendations for B12 for Cats and Catalyst ‘Antioxidant Enzyme formula. Within two days I was delighted to behold signs that my baby had made a remarkable recovery. In the days since he’s received the ladies products, this senior cat was playing/running from one end of the top floor of my two story home all the way down stairs to the main floor. He also tolerated food much better, and is more cognitively alert. Thank you so much ladies for your expertise and representation of products that do what they say they will do.😁

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  18. Lisa B. (Verified Customer)

    This helps significantly with digestion and energy levels. A little bit goes a long way. I put just a little bit on my girly’s tongue and we are good to go. Love this product too. This is part of my girl’s daily regimen.

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  19. Pat Y. (Verified Customer)

    Good boost for my cats 😻😻

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  20. Michelle Jones (Verified Customer)

    Good product

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  21. Elvis Silva (Verified Customer)

    My 9 year old kitty with chronic pancreatitis now for almost 4 years. The first 3 years her vet did absolutely nothing for her. She kept losing weight at 7 lbs. after fighting with her vet she finally got b12 shots for a protocol. Helped alittle bit. Her vet kept pushing that it was cancer. I went for an ultrasound that my HOLISTIC vet suggested and came back normal and it’s mild inflammation of pancreas. I switched her to raw diet , have her on supplements and been giving this b12 supplement from the 2 crazy cat ladies and it has helped tremendously l, my girl is eating better at 10.45 lbs now and vibrant. Thank you so much. Ps: I fired her primary vet and have a new one, and he works well with my holistic vet and btw my kitties blood work came back normal values. I have never seen her values this way in 4 years.

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  22. Cheryl S. (Verified Customer)

    It’s making a big difference for my 15+ year old cat. He’s turned into a playful cat and my vet said he’s doing very well now and she approved of the B12

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  23. Elvis Silva (Verified Customer)

    Excellent Product. My 9 year old cat with chronic pancreatitis been picky with eating, and throwing up. She is on Prednisolone every other day but I’ve had mg cat on this product daily for a month and has 100% helped her a lot. She eats more, has more energy. I love this product and I just got my second bottle and will continue her on this product permanently. Thanks two crazy cat ladies.

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  24. Cheryl Sanders (Verified Customer)

    makes a BIG improvement to my 16 yrs old Tiger’s happiness and energy. His Vet approves too!

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  25. Roberta M. (Verified Customer)

    My furboys have no problem taking this product in their food and it’s so good for them.

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  26. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    This product quickly revived our cat’s appetite and mood. Our cat has been having a rough few months from b12 deficiency caused by IBD/lymphoma. She was eating very little and suffered from nausea. It took only a half day for her to benefit from this bio-available b12. It is wonderful to see her eating more and playing more again! We will continue to monitor her symptoms carefully. We think this is a must for cats like ours!

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  27. september (Verified Customer)

    We started using this about 2 months ago on our male cat who had recurring sore throats and stomatitis and it has really helped make an improvement in his health.

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  28. Patricia Spanagel (Verified Customer)


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  29. Karin (Verified Customer)

    This has helped my 16 year old male cat. He’s eating more and doesn’t want to try chewing on plastic and paper like he use to.

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  30. AnneMarie (Verified Customer)

    The Feline Essentials B12 has definitely improved my cat’s appetite and appearance in recovering from Pancreatitis. I started using the B12 last week in combination with the CATalyst product that I’ve been using for about 4 weeks. Both have made a huge difference. My cat had lost 5 pounds and I’m excited to see how much she has gained back at an upcoming appointment. Thank you!

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