Sweet Rolling Pins – Two Crazy Cat Ladies Approved

Sweet Rolling Pins Cat Paws PinEvery once in a rare while, it’s the heart of a company that shines brightest in their work. Such is our experience with Sweet Rolling Pins…

“I grew up spending summers with my late grandmother, and we spent most of our time together in the kitchen,” says co-founder of Sweet Rolling Pins, Stacy Krems.  “To me the kitchen is a symbol of love and loving someone.”

Stacy and her husband Kurt started their creative company almost accidentally. They had purchased a laser engraver to help satiate Kurt’s fascination for building, creating and using his hands, and Stacy has always enjoyed baking. It didn’t take long for Kurt to suggest they engrave a rolling pin to try on her famous cookies. The rest – as they say – is history.

“Everything is really made with love,” says Stacy. “It sounds elementary, but as I’m preparing the pins and about to ship them off, I send them off with a little hug and hope they bring a smile to wherever and whomever they’re headed to.”

Sweet Rolling Pins Kissing Cats PinWe know first-hand the smiles these Sweet Rolling Pins bring – and sometimes even a few happy tears. We currently have four customized pins, including our most beloved – The Kissing Cats. This rolling pin is engraved with ‘Scotch and Mama’ on it – and we keep it on display in our kitchen. Mama passed away last year after an 18-year love affair with Scotch. We still miss her every day, but can’t help but smile every time we walk into the kitchen and see their rolling pin.

And we’re not the only ones that enjoy displaying our Sweet Rolling Pins.  It’s estimated that 50% of their clients find a special spot to display their rolling pin, while the other half actually utilize it as a normal kitchen utensil. We suggest doing both.

While these beautiful kitchen utensils are Sweet Rolling Pins’ main product line (understandably), they are also a full service laser engraving business. Anything metal, glass, plastic or wood can be transformed with a custom engraving – from something ordinary to something extraordinary. .

Sweet Rolling Pins Cat Kitchen Pin“Being a small business, we really love what we do and we want to provide our clients with not only a great kitchen tool, but a great conversation piece, ” says Stacy.

Well, the conversation keeps going and Sweet Rolling Pins keeps growing. Currently, their most popular pieces are centered around cats – you can order Cats, Cat paws, Kissing Cats, Hipster Cats, Cute Kitties and I Love Cats, or request to customize your own piece! One stop at Sweetrollingpins.com, and you’ll realize (as we have) that shopping for holidays and special occasions just got inspired and super easy!

Our suggestion? Enjoy a few smiles by checking out their website here and don’t forget to bookmark the site so you can come back for gifting time too!



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