Square Paws – Two Crazy Cat Ladies Approved


Square Paws lighthousePrepare to be amazed and inspired! As crazy cat parents, we are THRILLED to share with you our latest and greatest discovery – SQUARE PAWS!!

Have you ever spent hours trying to build your kitty the purrfect box bed? Or wished you had a CATastic cat condo – one that your cats loved AND that looked awesome as household decor? Your dream has come true – you need look no further than architect Mario Arbore’s brilliant creation, Square Paws.

Square Paws designs and builds specialty cat furniture using iconic imagery, both natural and architectural. Their cat furniture is above and beyond the ‘norm’ and can be custom-designed to fit your home and your feline’s fancy.

Square Paws was created when Arbore realized that his adored cats loved the cardboard box designs he was putting together for them a few years ago – and he wanted to do more.

“After a while, I thought, I can do better than this. Let me actually build them something more permanent,” said Arbore. “I started with a Lighthouse and then the ideas flowed thereafter. A cat’s furniture should be as integral to your home as your cat is.”

As a licensed architect – with his own practices in New York, Connecticut and Florida – Arbore knows a thing or two about measurements… and the name of his product design firm came from that idea. If human condos are measured in square feet, then his cat condos must be measured in ‘square paws’.

How’s that for pawsome creativity?! And, as you’ll see, the creative name of this company is just the tip of the iceberg.

Square Paws Hickory Dickory Dock Clock for CatsThese inventions are more than just cat condos. Square Paws creates exciting and interactive environments for both you and your cat. The most popular pieces at the moment are The Lighthouse, the Royal Throne, the Hickory Dickory clock, the Lifeguard Chair, and the Giraffe.

Personally, we love the Hickory Dickory clock – as the cat runs up the clock, not the mouse!

In addition to cat furniture, Square Paws also creates cat-centric household items like wall sculptures and picture frames for cat parents. This is THE place to shop if you’re looking to add some cool cat decor to your home. And here’s the cherry on top – Square Paws donates 10% of its profit to agencies that are dedicated to animal rescue and refuge.

So don’t leave this post without checking out the Square Paws shop here. We’re already planning a PAWsome Christmas for our kitties!


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