Pet Fooled has helped open the eyes of so many pet parents with the knowledge of what actually goes into pet food. This one film has changed the course of health for thousands of animals around the globe.

For those of us who have seen Pet Fooled, we want to share the news. We want to help educate those who are feeding low quality foods to their pets. And when we see someone purchasing this kind of food, we want to intervene. We wish everyone knew what we now know…

But it’s difficult. Many of us don’t feel comfortable approaching a total stranger in the grocery store and informing them that the bag of pet food they have in their cart is full of unhealthy ingredients that can hurt their dog or cat.

So we devised a plan…

Simply download and print out these small flyers. Bring them with you when you’re heading to the market or commercial pet store. When you see someone that you feel needs to hear the good news, hand it to them (or quietly slip it into their shopping cart). If you get ‘caught,’ simply say – “I see you’re a cat (or dog) lover… thought you’d like to check this out!”

We can all play a small part in helping to educate other pet parents – without getting on a ‘soap box’. Pet Fooled does a great job of teaching the average pet parent the truth about the pet food industry… and as we all know, once we know better – we do better!

So help spread the Pet Fooled News. Download your flyers here.



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