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Davies Decor Cat Furniture ProductsMeet Tom Davies, a web designer and art director with a cat that loves to curl up in small spaces.

“Every time we came home from shopping we would leave the shopping bags on the floor for our cat to curl up in. Same thing with boxes,” says Davies. “Before long the house was a cluttered mess.”

Trained as an artist in Massachusetts and forever designing and building, Davies decided to take his skills and build his cat a comfortable place to chill – that was also pleasing to the human eye.

Inspired by mid-century architecture, intricate woodwork and a love of cats, Davies created uniquely modern pieces of furniture that were purrrrfect ‘chill spots’ for his feline friend. Guests to his home so often asked “Where did you get this?” that Davies knew it was time to share his creations with the rest of the world. Thus, Davies Decor was born.

Davies Decor Oscar Cat Rest for CatsThe quality of this cat furniture – like the Oscar Cat Rest – is unmatched by any other pet enclosure on the market. Each piece is built by hand, with impressive craftsmanship and lots of love.

“My cat furniture is solidly built by hand – one piece at a time – and each piece functions not just as a comfortable place for your cat, but also as something you want to have in your home,” says Davies. “It’s cat furniture for both the owner and the cat – a unique niche in the cat furniture world.”

We couldn’t agree more. The Oscar Cat Rest is one of our favorite pieces from Davies Decor. This piece gives your kitty many different ways to happily curl up or stretch out. The curves and gentle slopes are comfortable for cats – and a gorgeous addition to your home decor. It also boasts a carpeted section that allows for a warm spot to cuddle up – a must for our Mr. Bittles.

Davies Decor

In addition to these beautiful, hand crafted pieces, Davies Decor also offers high quality, personal customer service. Check out more of Davies Decor work online here. Or call and speak with the artist, Tom Davies, directly at (323) 363-7679.

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