Introducing New Kittens: Madison & Jack

Introducing New Kittens to our home, Madison Grace and Jack William

After the sudden loss of our sweet kitty of 16 years, we were left with just 4 kitties in our home. This is the least amount of cats we’ve had in a long time. While I was considering introducing new kittens, Adrienne just wasn’t ready. That is, until we got a text from our pet sitter that two kittens were dumped on her property.

Immediately we saw it as a sign. Our pet sitter wasn’t in the position to raise 2 feral kittens and she knew that we would be the best cat parents we could be to them.

After a couple visits with the kittens and some extra care with our current clan, we decided it was time. Introducing our new kittens, Madison Grace and Jack William.

It doesn’t take long for kittens to steal your heart. Madison and Jack are not exception. They have much different personalities from Friday and Zorro and they were a bit sickly at first, but goodness are they sweet.

Madison is more of a free spirit and isn’t scared of much. She climbs the cat tree like a boss and eats like a starving orphan. Jack is a bit more reserved and is clearly in love with his sister. He follows her lead and it melts our hearts to watch them interact.

They are both super easy when it comes to food. I can tell that it’ll be easy to train them since they are so food driven. We were able to feed them a species appropriate raw diet without any hesitation. So, obviously they’re also smart.

We are looking forward to the new lessons we learn with Madison and Jack. We’ll be sure to share what we learn with you as we journey along with these sweet kittens!

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