Animal Communication | Connecting With Your Deceased Cat

Animal Communication sessions are a great way to find peace or even closure if you've lost a cat at any point and are still grieving from it. Our session helped us a lot.

Okay stick with us on this one. We’ve heard of animal communication before, but we’ve never actually considered this approach. That is until recently. Our sweet boy, Mr. Bittles passed away very suddenly less than 2 weeks ago. We were devastated, confused and had no answers to why and how this happened.

We believe in life after death – and we definitely believe that the souls of our kitties never die. We’ve experienced some supernatural connections with previous kitties that we’ve lost, but when Mr. Bittles left this world so unexpectedly we were shattered. The whole family was devastated and we were grieving his loss pretty hard.

One of our beautiful friends from our Facebook community (and VIP member) saw the grief and confusion that we were going through – and purchased an Animal Communication session for us to connect with Mr. Bittles. Her contact was a very trusted source and a communicator that she herself had used to connect with the pets in her home. The gift made it easy for us to move forward and explore this option. And we are so grateful we did.

The session brought all the feels. We felt sadness, guilt, laughter and even a little confusion while connecting with Mr. Bittles. However, the conversation was recorded and sent to us, so we were able to go back and take a deeper look into what he was saying to us.

Many said that it would bring us closure, but that’s not exactly the word we would use. I’m not sure if I believe in closure, but the session did bring us peace.

If you’d like to hear the full story of our first session with an Animal Communicator – and how we felt about it – here’s the video…

Communicating With Our Deceased Cat

If you’re interested in connecting with the cats in your home – or one that has passed on – consider an animal communication session. Energy knows no time or space, so you can connect with a pet that has passed at any time. It may sound a little crazy, but it really can bring you peace in a time of confusion or grieving.

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