We love cats, that’s obvious. However, I’ve never really wanted to decorate the house in cats. I think a lot of cat lovers are like this as well. We love our kitties and don’t mind a little classy cat decor subtly thrown into the mix somewhere, but we don’t want our home to scream ‘crazy cat lady‘ when guests walk in. Everyone has a different flavor for decor and fashion, but ‘cats‘ just weren’t our jam.

Until people started sending us classy cat decor on the regular, we had one tiny little cat statue that sat on the kitchen counter. My granddad bought it for us in Germany, so it had special meaning behind it. Now our kitchen is pretty much a cat themed room and it’s growing on us.

In fact, having our home look like a house made for cats is growing on us. Recently we had a custom built cat wall installed around the house. The cats love their vertical space and it’s classy looking, so I allowed it. πŸ™‚

We’ve also allowed the living room to be the ‘cat room’ where their cat trees, carriers, and toy box reside. And our master bedroom looks a little like we are parents of toddlers – with all the toys and balls everywhere. But I still maintain I’m not one of those crazy people who decorate their home in cat decor. πŸ™‚

Although, last week we got this set of pillows with a print of two black cats looking up to the moon in an azure sky. One was a standard size throw pillow and the other was a miniature version of it with catnip and silvervine inside. We absolutely love it. Zorro loves it too. You can click here if you want to check these out.

Zorro and his catnip pillow that matches mama’s.

Zorro with his classy cat decor pillow that matches his mama's pillow

Okay fine. Maybe we’ve gotten used to the cat decorations and own it like a boss now. I guess having classy cat decor is better than not having any decor at all!



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