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Help your Cat Defeat the Virus

A healthy immune system is essential for the life of an FeLV or FIV positive cat. Our all-natural FeLuek Kit was designed specifically for cats dealing with immunodeficiency diseases after our own painful battle with Feline Leukemia many years ago. Our super potent, all-natural supplements – CATalyst & Vira-X – work together to promote optimum health and longevity of life for cats who are struggling with FeLV, FIV, other immunodeficiency issues or those that may be exposed to these viruses. Get Yours Today!

Why Use Our FeLeuk Kit

What is the FeLeuk Kit?

Our FeLeuk Kit is designed to help cats who are battling a compromised immune system – naturally and effectively. By combining CATalyst and Vira-X together in your cat’s daily diet, you’ll help fight the virus at its core and build a strong immune system. All this with no toxins or chemicals that will threaten the healthy function of other essential organs, like the liver and kidneys. It is simple to administer – just add the recommended liquid dosage to your cat’s wet food daily. It’s fuss-free – meaning there is no flavor – and you’ll see the results quickly. Doubling the recommended dosage for the first week is recommended for faster results.

Essential Ingredients:

CATalyst: Amylase, Catalase, Lipase, Protease, Superoxide Dismutase

Vira-X: Lysozyme Enzymes (derived from fruits and vegetables), Sodium Chlorite in helix water

What should I know about how this kit will effect my cat?

It’s important to know that cats diagnosed with FeLV, FIV or other immunodeficiency disorders can live long and healthy lives if given the right support. Our FeLeuk Kit contains the essential tools to provide this support. Cats with a strong immune system are often able to fight this virus and overcome the diagnosis altogether. This kit is not designed to cure your cat of an ailment or disease, but it is specifically designed to assist your cat’s body in that process. It’s true that if you give the body the nutrition it needs, the body does the work for you. These products are completely natural and will not interact with other supplements or medications.

“I am on 2nd bottle of CATalyst and Vira-X and my cat diagnosed with lymphoma is now in remission and seems to be doing well.”

Mimi – December 29, 2015

“THANK YOU!! My Arya was diagnosed with FeLV when she was a few months old. She almost died. The vet we had at the time reluctantly gave her a blood transfusion and told us she would be dead in a week. Three years later, after much nursing and six months of recovery, she’s a healthy happy cat. You can imagine my horror when, two weeks ago, she once again began to lose her appetite and will to live. She wouldn’t even eat tuna, and she did nothing but lie on my bed all day long. I force fed her water and prescription-grade food and waited for my FeLeuk kit to arrive. After one dose, the results were astounding. I could see the light in her eyes again. Within a day, she was beginning to eat on her own again. Now she’s jumping up on the counter again to watch whatever I’m doing and purring and playing. She’s happy again, and she couldn’t have done it without you guys. What an amazing product. Thanks for saving my baby.”


Rachel – February 28, 2016

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We respect your privacy and will never share or sell your personal information


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