For many cat parents who’ve received the dreadful diagnosis of FeLV, a quick internet search for feline leukemia life expectancy is standard. Depending on the stage of FeLV, most veterinarians will either offer a prognosis of 2-3 years with advanced medication and therapy, or recommend euthanasia. However, many studies have shown that the life expectancy of a cat with feline leukemia can be extended with proper nutritional care. Having experienced our own heartbreak because of this disease, we are passionate about this issue and are now happy to know and work with the scientist who has created a nutritional product specifically to fight FeLV.

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Rescuing over 100 cats during his current practice as a nutritional animal scientist, Mr. Campbell saw the need to help cats struggling with the feline leukemia virus. Knowing the in’s and out’s of how the body works and fights illnesses, he created nature’s best remedy to fight this disease. He then proceeded to successfully help hundreds of FeLV positive cats live longer and healthier lives. His method has become the number one trusted source in helping cats battle feline leukemia virus.

The key to extending feline leukemia life expectancy is creating a defense mechanism that will slow down or stop the virus from attacking other organs in your cat’s body. FeLV positive cats typically pass away due to secondary illnesses caused by the virus, not the virus itself. As a retrovirus, feline leukemia causes a severe immunodeficiency in cats. This means that a cat’s immune system (their main defense mechanism) is critically weakened, allowing them to be susceptible to other major illnesses, like cancer. However, if FeLV is caught quickly enough, a cat can actually shed the virus or live a normal life with the virus by strengthening their immune system via diet and nutritional supplements.

Vira-X: Contains lysozymatic enzymes – nature’s antibiotic, and NaClO2 mixed in a helix water suspension. This solution can fight the most severe viruses while helping the immune system.

CATalyst: Contains a high concentrate of metabolic and digestive enzymes to give a major boost to the immune system.

These products used together create the most reliable remedy to help you cat live a healthier and happier life.

Note: To get the best results we recommend also feeding a fully balanced raw diet and/or super premium, grain-free, organic wet food diet. Giving your cat a fully balanced nutritional diet will make a huge difference in recovery time.


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FeLeuk Kit for Cats



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