It sounds like a morbid topic to discuss, but do you know what will happen to your cats if you can no longer care for them? For those of us who aren’t yet officially “old” we tend to avoid this subject. Sometimes, however, we put it off too long.

If your cats are your family, they deserve to be as much a part of your future plans as your home or your children. As responsible adults, we have to make plans for who receives and cares for our assets if something were to happen to us (though I must admit we don’t have a written will that’s up to date as of right now… so we’re not “responsible” at the moment).

And our cats are definitely an asset in our home.

Unlike our home or savings account, which could benefit our loved ones, our cats are a responsibility and an expense. This is why it is important for you to have a conversation with someone that you trust to care for your kitties in the way that you do. You may even consider choosing a beneficiary to receive all of your assets – to help offset the cost of caring for your cats.

Putting this in writing is important so that there’s no question or concern amongst family members if something were to happen to you. Having this written down by you will confirm to your loved ones what you want to happen to your cats.

While we all hope that we outlive our kitties, the unexpected happens from time to time. Studies show that cats are as attached to their owners as they are their home. If something were to happen to you then your cats, unfortunately, will lose both of their comfort zones. This kind of stress can wreak havoc on felines. That’s why it’s so important for us to have someone we love and trust to truly care for our kitties if something terrible were to happen to us.


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