Open social media and you’ll find cute and funny cat videos galore. Cats running from cucumbers, climbing drapes, falling asleep in weird spots… you name it and you’ll find it. Recently we’ve seen several viral videos of cats eating ice cream and then squirming from the brain freeze. People who don’t understand cats find this funny. We aren’t among those people.

Sure, we’ve been the cat moms that let our kitties lick our bowl from time to time, but if it caused them pain we would never do this again – and we certainly wouldn’t grab our phones to record it. The videos of cats licking ice cream bars and then having a visceral reaction breaks our hearts.

Making Videos Of Cats Eating Ice Cream

We’re not judging those who find these types of videos funny because it’s likely just a lack of knowledge. I doubt there are a lot of cat haters out there that watch cat videos for a good chuckle. If a cat lover knew that this physically hurts the cat they likely would not laugh.

You see, cats have a similar neuroanatomy that humans do, so it’s possible that our cats are getting “brain freeze” when eating something cold … which is a sudden and intense pain. Also, since it’s common for kitties to have periodontal disease, the coldness of the ice cream could trigger dental pain in the nerves. Either way, it’s not pleasant for our cats.

So please think twice before pulling out your phone and recording videos of your cats doing something funny. These things may seem funny to us, but they aren’t always funny to our kitties.



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