We’ve all been there. You have a cat or two… or five – and you’re adopting another one. There are many ways to introducing kitties “correctly”, but let’s discuss a common and overlooked mistake that’s often made when introducing new cats.

Every cat expert vlogger or blogger (including us) has a breakdown of how to introduce new cats to the home – the right way. However, one thing that is missing in most of these checklists is really addressing how to be considerate of our existing kitties.

How To Help Your Clowder Be Okay With The Newbies

New cats – kittens especially – need lots of attention. They are just placed into a very unfamiliar place with lots of new smells and sounds they’ve never encountered before. We do our best to make them feel loved and comforted – but we often neglect the rest of our kitties – who are also dealing with an unfamiliar situation with new smells and sounds! So – here are some tips for your existing clowder:

  1. Try to give equal amounts of attention. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the new and forget the old… and our cats know this instinctively. When you leave the room of where the newbie kitty is getting food and attention, try going immediately to your other cats and give them equal attention.
  2. Do confidence building sessions with your current cats. When a new cat is brought into the home, it can create fear and doubt for the other cats. One-by-one, take each of your cats alone in a room and engage in playtime with them for 15-20 minutes per day. Really give them your undivided attention, individually. Not only will this build their confidence, it reminds them how importance they are in your life. Even if they have to share your more. This simple step works wonders in our home!
  3. Give extra treats during introduction time. Every pet loves a good treat! While you’re going through the introduction, make sure that your existing cats are ‘treated‘ plenty.

Just being mindful of what everyone in the home is feeling really helps this process. When your cats feel happy, loved and confident, the transition into life with the newbie will be so much easier!



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