We all want to give our feline friends a treat from time to time – and here, I would like to briefly explain why healthy cat treats are so important.

First, it needs to be said that many big brand chain stores are not interested in providing healthy cat treats – even if the label says ‘all natural’ or ‘organic’. It is very unlikely you will find anything quality in a bag of cat treats you pick up at the supermarket. Why? The reason that these types of stores are able to be so big is because they are able to buy their items very cheap and sell them with an attractive price to the consumer. Because the pet industry in general is not regulated in the same way products and foods for people are, mass production of unhealthy pet foods and treats have become big business.

The ingredients in these pet treats are the problem. Avoid treats that list chemicals on the ingredient list – BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, corn syrups, sugar, by-products or menadione. It’s no wonder many of these ‘treats’ recommend only giving your cat one treat per day (or sometimes only 2 per week). These ingredients, over time will take a significant toll on your cat’s health. Many reports of kidney disease and liver problems have been linked to these ingredients – as well a many recalls.

Begin your healthy cat treat hunt at a local (and reputable) pet store – a little research goes a long way here. Look for ingredients that begin with a real source of nutrition, like meat or fish, and that are calorie friendly and vitamin rich. Many cat parents I know can feel inconvenienced or overwhelmed by trying to find the these healthy cat treats – and many of these healthy cat treats can be more expensive than those convenience brands… so here I offer another option: Make them yourself. With just 15-20 minutes per week, you can make your own healthy cat treats at home with very little money and total confidence that your cat is getting the most delicious and nutritious treats possible.

We will be sharing some of our favorite healthy cat treatsrecipes on our website soon – complete with nutritional and supplement information. We’ll also include our overview of ‘feline fondness’ – we have some of the most finicky cats around, so we’ll let you know about the big winners in our house.  Sign up for our blog and stay tuned for more information.


Healthy Treats for Your Cat


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