The Maine Coon Cat is known as the Gentle Giant of domestic cats – but their size isn’t the only thing that makes these cats so special. Everything about a Maine Coon seems magical – as anyone owned by one of these cats already knows. But today we’ll explore a few fun facts you can expect to enjoy about any Maine Coon.

Top 7 Maine Coon Cat Facts

  1. Waterproof Topcoat. These kings of the cat world enjoy a built-in raincoat – unlike most domestic cats. This explains why most Maine Coons enjoy water – at least to some degree. You may even find this cat taking a quick swim.
  2. Slow Growth Rate. These gentle giants grow bigger and slower that most domestic cats. Maine Coons reach their full size between 3-5 years old. Most domestic cats are full grown by 18 months. Male Maine Coons grow bigger than females – and can weigh as much as 25-30 pounds.
  3. Feathers and Tufts. Long, feathery tails and tufted toes and ears are a staple trademark of the Maine Coon Cat. Built to withstand some harsh elements, all their extra fluffs help ensure they stay warm and dry.
  4. The Maine Coon “M”. Many believe the ‘M’ fur patter on the forehead of a Maine Coon stands for their namesake. This is actually not true. Not all Maine Coons have the ‘M’. This fur patter is the mark of a true tabby cat.
  5. Polydactyl. Who doesn’t want more toe beans? Main Coon cats are known for being polydactyl (or Hemingway cats), but not all are born with extra toes.
  6. Official Status. The Maine Coon Cat is the official state cat of Maine. If you were thinking Alabama, you were wrong.
  7. Social and Talkative. This breed is known for their intelligence and sociability. They love to be trained and are known for their unique meow – which more closely resembles like a chirp or trill.

Bonus Fact:

It’s been rumored that this breed originated when a raccoon and a tabby cat decided to make babies together – but this is just a legend and biologically impossible.



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