Nearly every cat loves the laser toy. It’s like offering your cat a bug to play with, only you don’t have to clean up the mess.

There is no other toy that can get your cat moving at extremely fast speeds while climbing up the wall to try to get that little red dot. You can burn a lot of energy off your kitty and you don’t even have to make much of an effort, which is lovely after a long day at work! You can stand in one place and have the laser toy go down the hallway with your cat right behind chasing it.

I love how you can make the light move in unpredictable ways that attracts our cats to play. You can have it move quickly and then slow it down, this literally mimics how their prey would move.  Our cats can stalk, hunt and pounce on the light bringing out their natural hunting behavior. There are not many cats that can restrain themselves from the pull of playing with the laser toy.

There are a lot of cat parents that question whether the laser toy is a safe toy for our cats to play with.

The short answer is yes, but not without considering some safety measures.

  • Be sure never to shine the light directly into your cat’s eyes, you can do damage.
  • When playing with your cat, be aware of the surroundings, cats get so focused on the red dot that they can hurt themselves by running into walls or furniture. Be sure to play in an open area where they can’t injure or break anything.
  • Be mindful when your cat has had enough, don’t keep them running and running nonstop.
  • Do not continually have your cat run in circles chasing the dot, this is for obvious reasons.
  • ALWAYS end the play session with something tangible your cat can actually catch. This is so important. Otherwise your cat can become frustrated. Just think about it, your cat just spent time and a lot of energy never being able to catch the light and this can really mess with their head. The laser toy will get your cat all worked up but he never gets a win, so be sure to give him that win and follow it up with a treat!

If used safely, the laser toy can be a great way to exercise and have fun with your cat!


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