If you’re looking for ways to reduce holiday stress, you’re in the right place. It’s this time of year – with all the hustle and bustle – that can bring out the best and worst in all of us!

As cat parents, keeping our stress in check is always important – and it’s equally important to do what we can to reduce their  stress too. Not only are cats super intuitive, studies show they literally ‘carry’ the stress of their owners. Beyond their ability to sense our anxieties, when we’re stressed we secrete the stress hormone cortisol. And yes, our cats absorb it. Too much cortisol is not healthy for us or them.

When our stress is absorbed by our cats it can result in behavioral issues – like aggression or hiding – and even illness. Eliminating outside the litter box can also be caused by stress. And all of these things will only add to our stress!

So how can we reduce our holiday stress (and thereby our cats stress) while still enjoying the hustle and bustle?

  1. Take a walk. You might be thinking “Who has time for a walk during the mad holiday rush?” Exactly. This is why it’s important to make time. Fresh air and exercise are scientifically proven to reduce stress. Whatever is stressing you out will be handled much better with the elevated mood a walk provides.
  2. Listen to music. Even in the chaos, our subconscious is taking in everything around it. Don’t have time for a walk today? Turn on some relaxing music to take the edge off.
  3. Count your blessings. Taking time to re-center with some real gratitude is the surest way to put all the holiday hoopla in perspective. Just 5 minutes a day will may every day more manageable.

Don’t let holiday stress steal the joy of the season. Taking just one of these simple steps on a daily basis will make it easier to keep ourselves – and our cats – happier and healthier for the holidays.


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