Letting your cat outside to explore beyond the four walls of your home can be incredibly enriching. The sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors engage all the senses of our feline friends. It stimulates a cat mentally, physically, and emotionally.

But should we just open our doors and let our cats roam free?

Not without some serious supervision in our opinion. As wonderful as the great outdoors can be, it also comes with some perilous dangers. We thinks it’s important to stop and evaluate if you cat will be at risk of the following threats.

Outside Dangers for Cats

One of the biggest dangers for cats is predators. Even in our urban areas, unleashed dogs, coyotes, foxes, snakes, and – here in Nevada – the dreaded scorpion, can be deadly.

Outdoor environments are also full of hidden dangers. Cats are known for their curiosity – so exploring a neighbor’s garage where the antifreeze leaked would explain how curiosity killed the cat. Chemicals, toxins, even poisons could be anywhere. The weed killer sprayed on the grass, the chemical runoff of cleaners that end up in a puddle your cats drinks from, even a nibble on a poisonous plant can be fatal.

Then there are the accidents. A collar getting caught on a fence, finding a warm spot in a car engine, crossing the wrong street at the wrong time… total heartbreak. And let’s not forget that we humans are not always kind. We’ve heard too many stories of nefarious neighbors leaving poison out for an animal that crosses their yard.

So let’s talk safe alternatives to give your cat outside enrichment without all the dangers!

A catio can be the perfect solution. It’s a secure, enclosed outdoor area made specifically for cats – where they can safely enjoy all the outside sights, smells, and sounds. Because it’s a secure area, it’s also possible for a cat to enjoy without being supervised 100% of the time.

Leash and harness training is also a great way to enjoy outside time together with your cat. With a little patience and positive reinforcement, many cats enjoy going for walk as much as dogs do!

We know there is always that perfect situation where a cat lives outside and enjoys a long life. Unfortunately that is the exception, not the rule. Being aware of outside dangers gives us the opportunity to create safer alternatives for the outside time our cats deserve!



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