Do you bathe your cat? We don’t… usually. But that’s not because we shouldn’t bathe our cats, but because they don’t currently need our help. In the past we’ve had to give our kitties a bath from time to time… some loved it – but other times, we were lucky to survive!

Many people ask us if they should be bathing their kitties and the answer really depends… Do they need it? Many healthy indoor cats have no problem bathing themselves. Other kitties may be prone to oily skin or just need some assistance cleaning themselves. Cats that go outside, cats that are rotund (overweight), long-haired, hairless or battling illness may need out help to bathe at times. We just need to be in tune with their needs.

Pay attention to your cat’s skin and coat so you can best decide if they need your help bathing.

Should You Bathe Your Cat If They Hate It?

Here’s the thing… most cats don’t like water and will fight you if you try to bathe them. There are tutorial videos on how to give your cat a bath if you need some extra help with this. Good hygiene is very important for our kitties’ overall health – so we need to help them stay on top of this if we start noticing a little mank.

If your kitty is fairly good at cleaning herself but just has issues in certain areas, you can try just using a warm wash cloth in those areas. This is what we do with our big kitty who sometimes has issues cleaning his behind. He has high anxiety – and is quite formidable – so bathing him is out of the question right now. However, if we just ignored his fuzzy butt let the area become a problem, he can and will develop an infection. Paying close attention to our cats is imperative because they won’t tell us when they need help.

Prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to our cats – so if you need to bathe your cat, please don’t wait. Stay calm and help a cat out. 🙂



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