Us cat parents love to hold and snuggle our cats. But do our kitties always love it as much as we do? It’s important not to force your cat to do things that stress them out or make them feel uncomfortable.

Cuddling with felines is one of our favorite pastimes as cat lovers. When our cats are being extra cute or sweet, we tend to pick them up and snuggle them with our faces. Sometimes this is awesome. Sometimes our cats love the extra attention. But you should understand when this is appropriate and when it is not.

Should We Snuggle Our Cats?

Every cat has a unique personality. While some cats enjoy snuggling, others prefer their space. Respecting these differences is crucial for their well-being. If your cat doesn’t like to snuggle, respect their space. Consider adopting another cat if you crave a cuddly companion.

Some of us have a deep energy connection with our cats. We can sense when they want attention and when they would rather be left alone. If you aren’t that tuned into your kitty, check out her tail and ears. If you force your cat to be held, for instance, and her tail starts whipping and ears go back – please put her down. The stress that we unknowingly put on our cats out of sheer love for them can actually lead to health issues down the road.

Cats instinctively aren’t equipped to be forced into action. Kitties who are not forced to be held or petted are usually more apt to ask for it willingly when they’re in the mood.

One of our cats, Oliver Twist, was the most purrfect and gorgeous cat in the world (bias, I know). He was a cuddle bunny and loved the attention of his moms and siblings. Because of this, we loved to ‘show him off’ when we had company over. Only problem? Mr. Twist didn’t always like our company. He could be shy and scared of new people in our home. We’d try to go find him and bring him to meet our friends – but many (maybe most) times he would wiggle away and run off. Once we realized what he was communicating, we had to stop. We felt guilty and realized the extra stress we were causing him. But once we know better we can do better.

Especially when we learned just how much anxiety is a leading cause of disease in our cats. So let’s not increase their stress load – no matter how irresistibly snuggly they are . Before grabbing our cat or forcing her to do something unnecessary, let’s make sure she’s ready and willing to be a participant.



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