This is such a dark topic, but one that needs to be addressed. You see, there’s an article circling the internet giving cat parents tips on how to euthanize your cat at home without a veterinarian. While I’d like to assume that no one would actually attempt this procedure, we’ve had many people ask about this so I feel the need to explain why this is a horrible idea.

First, please know that if your cat is at her end stage of life and ready to transition, our hearts go out to you. It’s never easy to make that hard decision to say goodbye. If you have a veterinarian that can help her transition at home, we think that is best. Especially if you have other pets in the home. This helps to curb the confusion pets often have when a cat leaves the home and never returns.

That being said, attempting to do this yourself could be a horrible and painful way for your cat to leave his body. No cat parent wants that.

DIY Euthanasia of Cats

The article speaks of using the drug, aspirin, that is very poisonous to cats in order to “overdose your cat without any harm [paraphrased]”. The author says once given this overdose, “they will pass away quickly.” Seriously? An overdose of aspirin could get very messy and I truly believe it would leave you heartbroken. Don’t do this.

Another ‘option’ the author gives is insulin. “If you inject your cat with an overdose of insulin, the cat will drop into a coma within about 20 minutes,” the author states. We do not understand enough about the feline body and spirit to know what one feels while in a coma, but if I were a cat I would resent my human for doing something like this.

Overdosing your cat can cause pain and adverse reactions like seizures, vomiting and elimination of the bowels and urine. Not only is this horribly painful and cruel, it’s actually a felony. This is what the law calls animal abuse, regardless of your intention behind attempting to euthanize your cat at home. 

If your cat is suffering and in his end stages of life, please contact a licensed veterinarian for the proper steps you can take to peacefully help your kitty cross that Rainbow Bridge – and don’t ever attempt to take the matters into your own hands.



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