If your cat is lost, you are probably freaking out. Some cats can be Houdini’s and slip out the door without you even noticing. Ideally, cats are only let outside under supervision like in a catio or on a leash, but things happen.

Years ago, Adrienne was out of town visiting family, so I (of course) decided to throw a party at the house. I had a handful of friends over for a BBQ and drinks. We all imbibed quite a bit and crashed at our place. When my alarm went off in the morning to feed the kitties I noticed that our female cat wasn’t coming down for food. Mama was very food motivated, so this was unlike her.

After searching the entire house I began to panic. She had somehow escaped when someone opened the door. I didn’t have all the steps that we now have for how to find your pet if they go missing, so I just started walking the streets and put out flyers. It took 5 days, but we finally found her in a bush of our neighbors yard after he called to say he had spotted her.

There are a few lessons to learn from my story. One would be to either not drink too much or put your cats away first. Another would be to not give up hope if your cat is lost.

We have written several blogs on what to do if your cat gets out and is missing, but the most thorough list of how to help find a missing pet can be found here.

Cats are small animals. It’s hard for a good pet parent to lose their dog, but cats can be sly. Always be sure you watch the door when you leave the home. It can’t hurt to do a headcount of your kitties from time to time as well. This is especially helpful if you have friends over that may not know to watch for the cats when going outside.


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