When you lose your cat it can set you into a panic. Believe me, I know. I freak out when I lose one of our kitties IN the house! Cats that have gone missing outside is a whole different ball game, however.

First, if you don’t know where your kitty went, make sure they aren’t just hiding under a chair or in a cabinet. Cats love small spaces and sometimes they’ll  find the strangest places to hide. Just last night when we came home I freaked out because I couldn’t find our orange tabby, Pooh Bear, for dinner. Turns out he was just sleeping in the back of his carrier.

If you know your kitty got out and is roaming the great outdoors, here are some steps to take to help get them home

  1. Put up flyers around your neighborhood with a current picture of your cat and a number to call. I understand that many people are not fans of posting their cell phone number out in public, but if your cat is missing then this is a time in which you need to let down that guard. If someone finds your kitty then you’ll want them to be able to reach you immediately. Also consider offering a reward, just in case the person who finds your cat isn’t a fan of kitties. A reward increases the chances of someone looking at the flyer and keeping an eye out for your cat. Kids will often start a search party if a reward is involved. 🙂
  2. Check in bushes, trees and under cars for your cat. Kitties can get spooked easily and something as simple as a car driving by can cause them to hide. Most cats don’t travel further than 3 miles from home, so check all trees, bushes & cars nearby and consider asking neighbors if you can check in their yards. One time our cat got out of the house and was missing for nearly 5 days. A neighbor called and said he saw her (because we posted a flyer) and we found her stuck in a bush just a few doors down.
  3. Put out familiar scents in your yard. Whether it is their blanket, cat tree, litter box, etc., a friendly scent can attract your kitty home. Remember that cats have 200 million scent sensors in their noses, so they can smell this from quite a ways away.
  4. Report your cat missing. If your cat is microchipped, be sure to report them missing immediately. Also, post a picture and contact info on your local neighborhood apps. This will help those who miss the flyers still keep an eye out for your sweet cat.

For more ideas and tips on what to do if you lose your cat, click here.



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