Sometimes our kitties get sick and have to take medicine. It happens. But if you have a cat taking antibiotics you want to be sure to protect her from the problems this medicine can cause.

You see, traditional antibiotics are chemicals that go into the body and kill the bacteria within the gut. This is helpful if your cat has a bacterial infection because it gets rid of the problem.

But it also causes another problem. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, both bad and good. So your cat taking antibiotics is left more susceptible to other diseases because the medicine took away some of it’s defenses – the good bacteria.

Eighty percent of the immune system resides in the gut of our cats. One thing that makes the immune system so powerful against fighting disease is this good/beneficial bacteria. The good bacteria is what fights the bad bacteria.

Probiotics are a natural supplement rich in good bacteria. It’s a way for us to replace the beneficial pieces that are wiped out while your kitty was on antibiotics. Probiotics are also great for overall health and prevention of other issues. Studies repeatedly show health markers increased because of a diverse microbiome.

It’s also worth noting that antibiotics aren’t the only thing that destroys our cats beneficial bacteria, it’s just the easiest to understand because it’s in the name. 🙂 Exposure to toxins or chemicals in food, dishes, toys – even the air – can also affect our cats defenses.

It’s a good idea to supplement with quality probiotics (powder or liquid form) even if your kitty isn’t taking medication to help ensure her immune system has the best defense against disease available!


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