When it’s time to go out of town, it’s also time to find a good cat sitter. But how?

Ideally we already have a trusted friend or family member that would love to care for our cats while we’re away. But if that’s not possible, the search for the right cat sitter can be overwhelming.

While some people believe that cats can be left alone for 24-48 hours, we strongly disagree. And it was a hard lesson to learn. One we don’t wish for anyone else to experience. This is why we recommend a cat sitter stop by your home at least once in a 24 hour period.

So how do we find the right cat sitter for our cats?

Tips For Finding A Cat Sitter

  1. Interview your options. Doing a simple search for ‘cat sitter in my area’ will yield many potential results. call your top pick and ask them about their experience. Do they have cats of their own? How long have they been sitting? How often can they stop by during the day? Do they do overnight stays? Are they comfortable with administering medication (if needed)? The answers to these questions will help determine if this specific sitter is a good fit for your specific cat.
  2. Meet and greet. Have your top candidate come by your home to meet your cats before you go out of town. Let your cats meet their temporary care-taker. Pay attention to the person’s energy and how they interact with your cat.
  3. Leave detailed instructions. It’s incredibly helpful to write out clear information about diet, meal times, litter scooping, any medications, emergency contacts, favorite treats and toys. This will help maintain your cat’s sense of normalcy and allow your sitter to feel confident about the care and attention they provide.
  4. Pay the price. Finding the right cat-sitter for your cat is not something to be stingy about. Be prepared to pay extra for more time, overnight stays, or special needs. Knowing your cat is being cared for the way you want while you’re away is priceless.

Also, there are new resources for us cat people – like Meowtel – that provide certified, vetted cat-sitters all over the country. Traveling – for business or pleasure – can be stressful enough, but knowing our kitties are in good hands while we’re away provides great peace of mind until we’re home again.




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