Do you get tired of pulling the fur off of your kitty’s tree? If you’re like us and have multiple cats, figuring out how to clean a cat tree – regularly and quickly – seems impossible. Even using the shop vac can be a pain.

Awhile back I did a Cat Tip of the Day on how you can use a damp latex glove to get cat fur off of furniture. This tactic is helpful when you have sofa or chair fabric, but not cat trees. Not carpet. It may help a little, but not a lot.

Don’t laugh, but I used to spit on my hand and wipe down the chaise in our bedroom where the cats liked to lay. Eventually I threw that chaise away because it was too much work to clean and I never used it. I stopped using the saliva strategy when I figured out the damp glove maneuver… So, judge me – I’m a slow learner! Ok – but back to cat tress. How can we keep them clean?

Well, life just got easier once again.

Our beautiful friend Tabitha at Chirrups and Chatter posted an informational meme explaining how you can use a wire brush to clean a cat tree, so we had to try it. What a difference it makes!

Yes… the same brush you use to groom your cat. The wire brush that is inexpensive and you can pick up at any pet store or Amazon. The one that’s easy to clean. Your cat’s favorite brush that makes him purr loudly. That one.

Simply take that brush to the furriest cat tree you have and brush it down! It’s crazy that I’m just learning this after 20+ years as a cat mom, but I am grateful to know it now! Being a little anal about cleanliness, I also love how it make the tree look when you’re done. It looks like it was professionally cleaned or brand-damn-new!

Anyway… I had to share this info with any of you who’ve been cleaning cat trees the hard way like I was.

You’re welcome. 🙂



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