Let’s face it, an automatic litter box is awesome for cat parents. I mean, never having to scoop a litter box is great for us but how about for our kitties?

Did you know you can tell a lot about your cat’s health from scooping the litter box? Your cat might have a bad case of diarrhea and we will not catch it early on if we’re using an automatic litter box. When a cat gets loose stools, they can dehydrate quickly which is alarming.

Also, by scooping our cat’s boxes we can see if there are any changes in their urinary output. A cat that starts to pee larger amounts could be a sign of kidney issues or a cat peeing tiny amounts could be a sign of crystals or even worse a urinary blockage. We might notice blood in their urine or stool which calls for medical attention but the only way we can see these issues is to scoop the boxes and check their stools and urine daily.

Automatic Litter Boxes

Automatic litter boxes work by sensing when your cat eliminates and then waiting a period of time before sifting the dirty litter into a tray or a bag. When the box starts it’s cycle to sift through the litter this can be stressful on our cats; especially when they are going through their cleaning cycle. Also if you have multiple cats and the box is going through a sifting cycle while another cat needs to use the box it can be upsetting to the cat and he or she might just opt to go find a less stressful place to eliminate.

I personally don’t mind scooping the litter box the regular way. We made it very easy and have a bucket with a lid on it by our boxes and those plastic grocery bags fit right in the bucket size I have. We simply scoop the box, check the contents and throw it in the bag lined bucket and bam done. Every few days we switch out a fresh bag. Easy peasy.

So the idea of a self cleaning litter box sounds great for us but not so great for our kitties.


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